September 2, 2011

The Real Terrorist

 It has become a great concern of myself as to why the general population is unaware as to why US & NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) are fighting a war against Libya. Do people even know why Gaddafi is labeled a terrorist? Is wealth distribution a crime? Giving the poor free health care and education? He wanted to unite the entire continent of Africa so they can final become an entire nation with power. The UN, the US and Israel have different plans as to why they dislike Gaddafi or decided to go after him. He has found a solution with the conflict in Israel and Palestine making a resolution in a conflict zionist and Israelites cannot accept. How can a organization that deems itself civilized and ethical have the right to eliminate a threat? Does this sound like a terrorist? It's clear that the man labeled as a threat isin't the real terrorist when it's the oppressors oppressing the oppressed. It's no different when Western Civilizations in Europe and America have been colonizing Africa such as the Congo,Ivory Coast,Kenya,Sudan and Angola labeling these people "savages." The word "savage" has been replaced with terrorist. The labelers are hypocrites when they are commiting acts of terrorism on the innocent.

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