December 29, 2009

A Year In Review

Wow can't believe 2009 is going to be over in a few days.I wanted to do something different for Super Terrific & couldn't just post the usual.This post is a bit more personal.. I came up with this idea today of doing something I'd like to call "A Year In Review."It's a really really really short summary of what has occured to me in the year 2009. No text or captions are accompanied by the pictures and music videos.(Hope No One's Done This Yet. Am I The First???) I'll let you guys figure out for yourselves what has occured in 2009 for me. If your Korean and can speak 한글 you'll have all the answers lol.. Enjoy all~

I hope everyone `ENJOYS THEIR NEW YEARS````` See you guys in 2010.... This post should keep you occupied at work or if your bored try deciphering all the pictures and videos... Har-Har.

January~ Feb~











December 28, 2009

NO Standing Zones

Great picture. It only cost $90....

December 26, 2009

Stuffing Your Car

Yea this is quite random but I was looking back at pictures I took this summer and this popped up. I believe this is the most I stuffed in my car. A full lip aero for an sc300 inside my is300 and two rims in the back. I don't know if this is even impressive or not but yea.. This was on the way to Euro Design at Boston so Marko aka Nuckin Futs can aero his car courtesy of Mr. Z, Robert and Stefan. Great guys, and a random fact to throw out Euro design is owned and operated by Mr. Z and his two sons Robert and Stefan. Very nice people and showed love always.

Night begins with parts everywhere.

The passenger seat gets quite lonely but an aero can accompany you.


December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

So to all my readers and for everyone's blogs that I have been reading really have a Merry Christmas. I hope you all get what you want. Spend it happy with friends and family. Here's a photo to prove to you guys that Santa is real.

See he's just like the rest of us!

December 23, 2009

Christmas Theme

Well usually the colors red and green are associated with this wonderful holiday. Ok I tried getting a theme going here. Here are some red cars for you guys to gander at.

December 22, 2009

Blizzaga II

Well I can't stop talking about the snow. It's everywhere you go if you're in the East Coast.. Any way Here are some surreal photos of Times Square during the Blizzaga. Yes despite 10inches of snow falling people are having fun. Enjoy folks~

New York City never sleeps :)

Sanitation Trucks Are Not Friendly

Finally got to drive after being trapped for two days. First time driving rear wheel drive in the snow. A little bit of sliding here and there :).. Nothing too crazy. My day was alright until an asshole plower like the pictures below blasted me with all the salt it was carrying. It didin't bother waiting for me to pass but instead blew all the salt on the side of my car. Luckily no damage. Yes it was deliberate. I saw him pause and wait for the other car but blasted me instead. Its not automatic.~

These trucks vary in apperance during the winter. This standard garbage truck has a modified front end with a plow. Don't EVER FOLLOW ONE OF THESE OR BE NEXT TO ONE.

The beast that attacked me. Damn You`

December 20, 2009


If any of you guys haven't heard the east coast has gotten a terrible winter storm yesterday. Other states in the east coast got hit worst. New York City only got about 16inches not so bad... Many flights were cancelled, a lot of accidents, snow~ Yes its horrible and winter offically doesn't start until tommorow. :(

Yea a white winter looks nice, but shoveling this is ughhhhh

I thought I would get into theme with the rest of everyone snapping winter pictures of their dope vehicles. A Winter Pic of the whip(Under Construction).. ^ ^

December 19, 2009

VIP Bagged Aristo

This was one of the candidates for the slammed cars on Speedhunters I believe. Well here is footage of it actually rolling. Don't mind the 11 year old Japanese boy anime end theme song sound. Feels like a mobile suit... Its a Gundam ahhhhhhh~~~~

Something Under The Radar

I wasn't aware until today that high end luxury car companies borrow parts from other mass produced cars. I was reading therealjdm's blog and found it very interesting. The reason from what I was able to gather up was to save money from cost and research and development. If a car company is making only 200 cars or so they find it logical to save on mass produced parts such as headlights, tailights mirrors etc. Here are some finds I found interesting:

Lotus Espirit: The connection with a Levin? The taillights..

Saleen S7: The connection? The mirrors..

Invictus S1: Connection sideways passat taillights.. works like woah

Lamborgini Diablo Connection: 300zx Headlights, sucks if you paid this much for a Lamborgini. I will take the Z in the bottom instead :)

It does suck if you paid this much for a car and it has different parts from a mass produced car.. A bit of deception. The final full product takes bits and pieces from other companies. The good part is if you break any of these components you can just buy it for half of the fraction. I'm gonna leave this post with this last picture:

Talk about being deceived....