November 30, 2010

November 29, 2010


Man this broke ass was nickle and diming when gas was $2.00..

November 25, 2010

Gran Turismo

This game practically changed my passion for cars. As a child I already loved cars but when Gran Turismo came out it opened my horizons to unattainable vehicles we can never acquire in North America. I am of course speaking about 12 years ago, but thats another story. I remember first seeing the Toyota Chaser here. I was wondering how a sedan can be so awesome and put down so much power. This could have been one of the earliest reasons as to why I enjoy sedans so much.

All the battles spent in Hollis with my uncle, Marko and Noel. The GC8s,FDs, MR2s,Integras,Evo III, IV,V and yellow bird dominating the late days of the battles. I remember talking with jigga Marko about why Evo's never came out in America or if they would one day.. Times have changed. But this game was well spent countless hours on tuning and upgrading your stage 1 to Stage 4 and getting 900Hp. That's so JDM.

The new game is  finally out and after waiting for quite some time only 5 years, I kind of lost hope for Gran Turismo but this new game looks dope. I need a PS3 bad.

For the fanboys: Forza sucks.

This started it all.

Look To Your Left for the white car at 23 Second Mark. I love it. All types of styles and makes in one.

Weather System

November 24, 2010

November 23, 2010

November 22, 2010

November 21, 2010

2011 STI Sedan

I know everyone is in a mixed bag of feelings with this one. The same can be said when the hatch Impreza first came out  now everyone loves them. Someone will eventually "flush" out this STI model and people will fall in love with this version, I guarantee it.

November 19, 2010


I feel like the Altezza is the predecessor to the Cressedia not the AE86.

November 18, 2010

Z-Edition Altezza

The Z-Edition Altezzas  came off the factory with this factory aero and wheels. I have yet to see an actual owner with this special version. This is just bueno.

Wingless Evo

The Evo will always need that trademark wing in the boot however I think the X pulls of the wingless Evo look the best.

November 17, 2010


So a lot of these "car" guys, that have nothing better to do than bitch about Rota's booth at SEMA because it's the cool thing to do decided that it was the end of the world when Rota debuted their lineup for vintage wheels at SEMA. Did it ever occur to any of these guys that ROTA is  actually making money to be in a SEMA booth? Again and again I've been stressing this dragging topic for eons now, you don't want Rota to be around tell your JDM company to make low cost cast of their wheels then. Rays and Advan can very well do this.You can continue to grief because people can afford your rims for half of the cost in a cool offset.

Big Golf

X5 Wheels on a Golf. I should get RX300 wheels and put them on an IS300. Looks good.

November 16, 2010

Stylin In The Mountains

This is what these guys did for you.Kids, this is where your style came from:

Watching Rally
In the 90s
In the Alps
Vibrant colored parkas, skinny jeans, photography
Stylin on everyone
Liking Subaru Imprezas

November 15, 2010

Sound Test Evo

Voltex'd out daily driver. Kudos for the owner.

November 13, 2010


I have been blogging about the likes, dislikes and my opinions on certain things about the automotive scene. I have yet to do any celebratory post on my one year of blogging, yes I cannot believe its that long. A post is soon to come, I just don't know when yet..  But it has made me realize how much do I really like this hobby and how little I am committed to it. I have noticed that there are people that are loyal and tremendously dedicated to their cars and the scene. I commend you for that, it has also made me to confess that I myself purely like the style and looks department of cars mainly drifting. I am no inclined mechanic or a self proclaimed car forum guru. I don't care about power or any other things like that. I am a college student that likes this expensive hobby.

No one bothers thanking the guys that build their cars, setup events, and just love this whole scene that its their entire lives, someone has to thank you guys. I thought I hope I'm not the first to but I just want to praise the guys that have passion for wrenching day in day out and improving this whole automotive scene.

Normally I disprove of adding eye candy on this blog, but this is for you all just this once.

Hurting Feelings

It takes a lot for me to like the contour of a stock IS300, usually done incorrectly, however this guy marvels me again.

November 11, 2010

Gas Prices Up

 I'd thought I'd throw it out there that gas prices have been inclining for the past month and its only winter. At this rate I won't be driving in the summer.

Great website to hunt for gas prices around NYC, yes its accurate.
FYI one of the highest prices in NYC is near QC $3.59 for Super :(

November 5, 2010

Cool Hipster Shirt

All the atrocities, murders, rapes, discrimination that these group of people faced and labeled  as "other" thanks to Western Europe and America all to end up in some fucking shirt. So much for feminism.

Getting "Advice" From Other Enthusiast

Did you ever get the whole "advice" speech from someone about your car? Well you should do this to your car.. I don't like how this looks.. Rims aren't my taste do this with that.. etc. etc. Do these people pay for your cars monthly or maintenance? So why should it matter? If someone likes the car the way it is just let it be. Don't need to knock on anyone else.


BBS + M3 + SEDAN = Never lose

November 4, 2010

Import Scene 2001

People are quick to judge ones ride as shown below,and refer to someone as a "ricer". This was the trend and style about 10-13 years ago. Don't forget the history and culture of the Import scene as it once was called in North America. Now its these bandwagon guys that believe rusting hoods, putting stickers sideways in the rear windshield tilted, bike racks, and slamming vehicles the ground with flush fitment is the only way to properly own a car.

November 3, 2010

November 2, 2010

Election Day

The whole voting for the correct candidate is simply an illusion. Left wing, right wing its all bullshit. Republican and Democrat these parties both work together to fuck everyone over. People that claim to be smart and have political views are full of shit. CNN and the LA or NY Times are where you gather your sources? The elite few that control the media, medicine and government all want you to believe you have choices and freedoms. Freedoms? Certain websites you cannot even go to anymore, your speech? Well, you must be wise with how your word choice.  Do you honestly think Americans voted for the President or any of these other candidates? The electoral votes are what matters or the same families that have been ruling America since it started. Here are a few examples:

Clinton - Related to Rothschilds(Rocafellers)
Obama - Related to Bush
Bush Jr - Related to Samuel P. Bush an adviser to Hover(In Federal Banking)

Sure the guy looks Indonesian, so just because he's of "color" do you actually think life will be better and you could believe this man?  I'd rather trust a drug cartel than a elected official. At least I know what's coming rather than get buttered up and bullshitted.

Basically the same families that have had power always want to pass it down to each other. Looking at it from a Marxist perspective, these people are marrying for power and property. I suggest reading Founding Fathers, THEY EVEN GO INTO GREAT DETAIL of stating that the majority can't and shouldn't control the Government. They believed the masses panic and that the common man doesn't know anything. In retrospect isn't this what is occurring today? People blinded by products, irrelevant junk on television, and just idling.

Impreza No Stance

People forget that Subaru Impreza's are popular because of Rally.

November 1, 2010

S14 Times

Average S14 nowadays.