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9/11 - X Years

9/11. No one ever talks about the aftermath or devestation done to the familes affected immediately from the chaos that transpired. People are quick to give their opinions about feeling sorry and etc. via a social medium twitter, facebook, etc. How many people actually did research or follow up as to what happened to the victims and events that led to pre 9/11 and after? Innocent people lost their lives and the people that saved them lost their lives. It's horrible enough America and the media stirred this patriotic bullshit by glorifying first unit responders cleaning and rescuing people from the ruble. Why weren't the first responders even fucking compensated or the familes of victims that died? I know money can't ever replace them but what about the damages done to that family that lost loved ones? There lives are forever changed mentally, phyiscally and economically.What happened to half of the aid that dissappeared with the Red Cross?

Don't glorify the propaganda that's been given to you by the media. Remember the people that have been forgotten in all this.


Dear Asian-"American" youtube posters,

Just stop fucking going on youtube and attempting to group a bunch of words together and labeling it as a comedy parody, a freestyle, or anything else in the list(see below). It's just corny and nonsense so many fucking irrelevant Asian-"Americans" upload nonsensical videos.

This list goes as follows of Asian video uploaders:
 try to be gimmicky by attempting to point out casual daily observances
putting make up on
trying to put an Asian acent of their ethnic background(parody)
Making fun of their parents(another parody)
Trying to be a rapper, rnb singer, comedian
Singing Asian songs in an Asian language with that 11 year old Jessica Kim voice.

If you are labeled in this list  simply aquire a lead hammer from a local Home Depot
and begin to pound your harddrive and face.

Yours Truly,
The guy in the picture.

September 12, 2011

At what extent is it worth lowering your automobilia for aesthetic purposes or praises?

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The Jews and the bankers that run America are terrified of the Islamic Golden Dinar being introduced... They along with everyone in the EU are shitting there pants with a unified Africa.

September 2, 2011

How I feel about 240 guys.

The Real Terrorist

 It has become a great concern of myself as to why the general population is unaware as to why US & NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) are fighting a war against Libya. Do people even know why Gaddafi is labeled a terrorist? Is wealth distribution a crime? Giving the poor free health care and education? He wanted to unite the entire continent of Africa so they can final become an entire nation with power. The UN, the US and Israel have different plans as to why they dislike Gaddafi or decided to go after him. He has found a solution with the conflict in Israel and Palestine making a resolution in a conflict zionist and Israelites cannot accept. How can a organization that deems itself civilized and ethical have the right to eliminate a threat? Does this sound like a terrorist? It's clear that the man labeled as a threat isin't the real terrorist when it's the oppressors oppressing the oppressed. It's no different when Western Civilizations in Europe and America have been colonizing Africa such as the Congo,Ivory Coast,Kenya,Sudan and Angola labeling these people "savages." The word "savage" has been replaced with terrorist. The labelers are hypocrites when they are commiting acts of terrorism on the innocent.

The Real Public Perception of Gaddafi

The Medias Lies On The War Oil

The Reason To Kill Gaddafi?