September 29, 2010

Kaneda What.

Not really a fan of moto bikes but when  I do, I like them for aesthetic purposes.

September 27, 2010



September 23, 2010

Stern Wheels

Basically I've been trying to find out as much about Stern wheels. They went under a few years ago and I cant find anything in their catalog. All I know is they were with Golden Apple Corporation, the last few years they were around the production of their rims weren't from being produced in Japan but to Taiwan. So what has happened to them and where can I find their old rims? They made decent stuff.

Stern St8s 17x8.5 +3. Cool car by the way!!

September 22, 2010

Track To Street



September 21, 2010


Same but different.

September 20, 2010


It's pretty big for a "compact" car.

September 18, 2010

People Need To Realize

Sometimes any random person just stumbles upon a cool style for example the whole wheel fitment bullshit.It's been around for a while now since the era of hotrods and Volkswagen. This wasn't ever anything new or fresh.  All of a sudden one wants to do it because its cool. The question of practicality arises. Do you even know the dangers of overly stretching a tire? Running spacers on your car? Stressing suspension components? Rolling the fenders? Removing the entire fender? Fender rolling pulling?Scratching your possibly damaging oil pans and undercarriages?Getting coilovers? Now coilovers won't last as long as OEM suspension components but that's okay if your only thinking about slamming your car and being cool. You need to realize you need to rebuild them every 1-2 years or at least check on them. You also must consider what location and region you live in. What's the point of slamming the car for aesthetics when you cant even drive it into the city because it's to low? I've seen GT3 Porsche's in the CITY and you cant bring your car out into the CITY?? What does this tell you? Are you being practical or you would rather impress people in the internet?

The whole building car thing's has gotten to a point where people are doing one setup that's cool or seen as a standard for modifying your ride. Does getting on (Insert Car Website) advance you in life?  Whats the whole point of doing the same exact  thing if your gonna see  car X stock bodied just with coilovers and rims? Same setup different color. People tend to get overly "creative" and start doing things to be different. Does it make your car cooler because it's different?  Would you show up to work with half of your hair shaved?

Buying things for yourself doesn't cut it anymore you need to be "flush" to even have an accetable car. What happened to doing things for yourself? Your gonna be really dissappointed if your comparing your ride to  the next person. Because your gonna realize what you have isin't the best or for yourself. You did it to be cool and impress people that

A. Don't give a shit if your car gets stolen or vandalized, the only thing you will hear from them is "aw that sucks, wow bro good luck with everything."
B. THESE PEOPLE DONT PAY YOUR BILLS OR FOR YOUR CAR. Why do you still want their approval?

Don't worry we can't even appreciate builds or cars anymore because there not low or flush enough such as this "ugly" car.

September 17, 2010


This just does it for me. Thank you guys over at FRSedan. It's good to know people love FR!!! sedans. This just does it for me. Styling,function,simplicity  and its a sedan.!! I'm slacking right now bad.


Great Evo minus the lights on the bottom....

September 16, 2010

Fashion X Van

Self titled.

September 15, 2010

Luxury Pits

Who's better?

September 14, 2010

Rap = Dead

The expression "Hip-hop is dead" is correct. No longer is lyricism important. All you need is a $10 starter hat with the green brim, Corey Mathew pants,re-retro'd nike basketball shoes  and a skateboard to be a rapper. In order to sell you basically must look like how a white kid from the suburbs dressed in 1992. What ever happened to rap being for the streets, or even considered an art form for self expression? All I see now is junk and with digital technology at hands everyone IS A RAPPER. Your favorite rappers Drake, Kanye, Kid Cudi, B.O.B. have produced timeless albums? Yea they make music that you can dance to superficially in a club or get happy to. Let's face it these guy's are friendly acceptable black people that parents approve their children can listen to. Thank all the so called "fans" hopping on the bandwagon of wanting this acceptable crappy music. The record labels are in total control and made hip-hop into a marketed product. Am I the only one that still wants to sit down and listen to ACTUAL  music?  Does good music consist of always having to dance to it? What happened to substance?

Correct >

Aristos No VIP

VIP no Aristo, performance drift car yes.

September 12, 2010

Burst of Morning

I had to reboot my computer because of a crazy virus. I have no pictures at the moment. I just have Altezza's for the moment. If you coupe guys don't like to bad(haha).I usually don't like loud colors but  I just like this particularly for some reason.

September 10, 2010


I haven't taken any updated pictures of my car due to school starting. I was either studying or choose to use the extra time to sleep instead. I did manage to get a deal on a decent set of wheels and here is a picture I finally taken. Next up is upgrading suspension components and possibly lowering more. I don't know how much  I will lower  but thats for another time :(  I'm just gonna enjoy it now.

September 9, 2010

What Altezza's Were Made For

I notice that there has been an influx in the amount of people purchasing IS300s. Thank the whole stance scene for that. Most new members on the forum are asking other people what wheels to put on their own ride. Just remember what the Altezza was made for (a fairly weighted car that can rev to 8k) to become the predecessor of the AE86. I don't think it succeded :(. I still like the car for what its worth though. Heres a picture of an attack on the course. I haven't met someone that enjoys Altezzas as much as me though :(. On a bigger scale I do like rear wheel drive sedans, particularly Toyotas.

September 8, 2010

Van In Mountain

Better done than a wagon or sedan

September 7, 2010

Toyota Verossa

It looks a little weird in the beginning but eventually it will come around.

September 3, 2010

The Whole Knock-Off Debate

The plauge of knock off parts has loomed around not just in the automotive world but entire business markets. From shoes,t-shirts,blenders, cameras and even condoms. I'm going to focus my thoughts on the great debate about replica parts in the automotive world instead. It has come to my attention that people are taking sides as to what pratices are moral or immoral. In the world of business the word "ethics" doesn't exist. What matters are gains and minimizing cost as much as possible.

Consumers have the power to end replicas from being sold. If Rota's are making a profit from the wheel industries what does that tell all the other JDM companies? They have options to combat the competition. Take for instance Nike's signature shoe Air Force One. It is an original design shoe that is flawless and can be worn for almost all occasions. A majority of competitors tried coming out with answers for this shoe. They either made their own interpretation of the shoe or copied the mold. Is Nike complaning about this? Are any of Nike's consumers complaining about this? No, it just means stop being a bitch then. A lot of childish behavior occurs in car forums. It's only natural that people want attention, and want more than the next man in life. This transcends into cyberspace.A majority of the time you tend to see people in forums buy these expensive JDM parts for hype and credit. An example of this can be found in any car forum. Just log on and you will see a thread with someone saying "look at my new......" Is this really necessary? I do understand forums are subcultures for people with the same passion to expand and share their hobbies with one another but it just becomes obvious when people want their eprops. There are times when the replica does the same as the original or exceeds it in quality and there are also times that it's much worst than the original product itself. Shouldn't the part the consumer buys be form over function? Who's to negate someones build because of brand names?

Does it really matter if someone is going to buy Rota wheels instead of buying Volks?  Does it matter what aero kit is a copy of the original? My conclusion is you must be a total capitalistic asshole if this is what your going to be upset about. So much more injustice is occuring with how all goods are made. Instead think about how lucky you are to be sitting in a computer complaining about something as stupid as authentic car parts. Think about the person that sewn your t-shirt on your back or the African that was exploited for the silicone parts on your computer.

September 2, 2010

BMW Wagon

Bimmers in wagon form are better in sedan form.. Dare I say??