September 14, 2010

Rap = Dead

The expression "Hip-hop is dead" is correct. No longer is lyricism important. All you need is a $10 starter hat with the green brim, Corey Mathew pants,re-retro'd nike basketball shoes  and a skateboard to be a rapper. In order to sell you basically must look like how a white kid from the suburbs dressed in 1992. What ever happened to rap being for the streets, or even considered an art form for self expression? All I see now is junk and with digital technology at hands everyone IS A RAPPER. Your favorite rappers Drake, Kanye, Kid Cudi, B.O.B. have produced timeless albums? Yea they make music that you can dance to superficially in a club or get happy to. Let's face it these guy's are friendly acceptable black people that parents approve their children can listen to. Thank all the so called "fans" hopping on the bandwagon of wanting this acceptable crappy music. The record labels are in total control and made hip-hop into a marketed product. Am I the only one that still wants to sit down and listen to ACTUAL  music?  Does good music consist of always having to dance to it? What happened to substance?

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Nuckin' Futs said...

And look...its no surprise that you have no comments right now on this post because i bet the average person out there probably doesnt see what you see or probably disagrees with you. We had countless conversations about this and everything that I can say about the matter you have already heard me say. All I can say is Rock The Bells next summer!!