September 18, 2010

People Need To Realize

Sometimes any random person just stumbles upon a cool style for example the whole wheel fitment bullshit.It's been around for a while now since the era of hotrods and Volkswagen. This wasn't ever anything new or fresh.  All of a sudden one wants to do it because its cool. The question of practicality arises. Do you even know the dangers of overly stretching a tire? Running spacers on your car? Stressing suspension components? Rolling the fenders? Removing the entire fender? Fender rolling pulling?Scratching your possibly damaging oil pans and undercarriages?Getting coilovers? Now coilovers won't last as long as OEM suspension components but that's okay if your only thinking about slamming your car and being cool. You need to realize you need to rebuild them every 1-2 years or at least check on them. You also must consider what location and region you live in. What's the point of slamming the car for aesthetics when you cant even drive it into the city because it's to low? I've seen GT3 Porsche's in the CITY and you cant bring your car out into the CITY?? What does this tell you? Are you being practical or you would rather impress people in the internet?

The whole building car thing's has gotten to a point where people are doing one setup that's cool or seen as a standard for modifying your ride. Does getting on (Insert Car Website) advance you in life?  Whats the whole point of doing the same exact  thing if your gonna see  car X stock bodied just with coilovers and rims? Same setup different color. People tend to get overly "creative" and start doing things to be different. Does it make your car cooler because it's different?  Would you show up to work with half of your hair shaved?

Buying things for yourself doesn't cut it anymore you need to be "flush" to even have an accetable car. What happened to doing things for yourself? Your gonna be really dissappointed if your comparing your ride to  the next person. Because your gonna realize what you have isin't the best or for yourself. You did it to be cool and impress people that

A. Don't give a shit if your car gets stolen or vandalized, the only thing you will hear from them is "aw that sucks, wow bro good luck with everything."
B. THESE PEOPLE DONT PAY YOUR BILLS OR FOR YOUR CAR. Why do you still want their approval?

Don't worry we can't even appreciate builds or cars anymore because there not low or flush enough such as this "ugly" car.

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ra64freddy said...

Your right my man!