May 10, 2011

Celebrate In Style

Good Ol' USA rejoiced when the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death was sourced by the US Government. All of this doesnt make sense at all. HOW STUPID IS THE GENERAL PUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES? Do people just believe the sources or claims that the media covers. Do people even question the source? Of course not so now in a John Cena fashion Osama Bin Laden was killed by Navi Seals. Why is this death bullshit? For starters when was America ever ethical about killing people against democracy and getting in the way of natural resources from America? Why wasen't Sadam given the same burial as Osama. I smell a ton of bullshit and if you believe this shit or celebrate this day I suggest your living in the fucking matrix.

"Horray for America feeding us bullshit and not questioning anything"

"Wait a minute this isint a hella flush meet..."


Again you don't need to be flush or slammed to define your automobile as NICE.

New Beginning

I am still loaded with content and haven't wrecked havoc on my opinions on certain issues as of late. I am now preparing to embark on creating a totally new blog. Yes its sad to some of you, but I am going to keep this website up not just updated. I will post my new blog by the end of May. Expect it to be bigger and better. For now just hold off people!