October 29, 2009


How can you drive like this?!?!?!?!??!?!

October 27, 2009

Rallye Lexus Meet

Great turnout. Thank Billy and all the guys at Rallye. A wide variety of cars showed up. They would like to turn this to an actually even instead of a meet. Hopefully it gets sponsored. I didin't put up all my photos here is what I'm going to put up for now. Stay tuned for part II.

F-Sports goodies.

WRX Wagon.

View of Cars 1

2scs & 2is

4 Doors only section.

He has the power folding side mirrors I want it.

Theo's GTO.

Billy's Track Car. The Rallye Hat adds +50rwhp

Yes, Thats a HKS KIT IN NYC!

Chris's GS


I always see Stingrays in any car event I have attended so far....

October 24, 2009

The Movement

I will it say it time and time again. I created my microscopic blog to inform the world about the import car world in NYC(I try to cover all aspects even American Cars). A lack of voice and opinion are absent. I see people from the West Coast, to the Mid West as well as the people down South with blogs. Just look at my blogroll.. I see some Media car blogs from people, out here in the East Coast but its not a personal blog of say, a team or a single individual. Why that matters? Because you get an indepth look into that person's thoughts, feelings, opinions and anything else they would like to talk about. I started to talk to some car people out here in NYC, apparently no one cares about people that blog. That should change I am one of the few people currentlly blogging, that will show the world err blogspot.. what NYC can do time and time again!

Here is a sticker from Marko AKA Nuckin Futs. This is basically part of the NYC Movement. DONT EVEN TRY STEALING THIS. You don't want a gang of 50 goons up on your grille aka NYC Style. You ask what Nuckin Futs is? How did he come up with the design? Well he loves Supreme and nothing Says MORE NYC then incorporating his motto into his hobby of cars and paying homage to his favorite NYC BASED BRAND SUPREME.

Nuckin Futs - (Pronounced Nuck-N Fhu-ts) Something or someone that has or done something outrageously insanely good. ie: rim fitment, an attractive woman, a good sandwitch, etc. etc.

This will be made into a sticker so be on the look out in the future. Lets not copy the saying of the West Coast People(Applies to MY NYC People).P.S. No beef is intened too anyone from any of the cost. Its just a good old rivalry.

Slamburglars Stickers

Early this year I started to collect and save random stickers automotive or not again.. I have always been into car stickers and whacky stickers since I was about eight years old. Here is a dope sticker I got from the dudes at Slamburglars. Thanks guys. Make sure to read their Slamburglars Handbook.

Note: They are sold out.

October 19, 2009


Just chillin. Thank Joe for the pictures. My pics came out good too!!! Okay they didin't.

October 13, 2009

Wait is that a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??

I believe anything in this planet thats considered a car can be cool. Too qualify you need two simple side dishes:

1. The owner actually does research and planning on what the purpose of their build should be.
2. Theres passion in it. Not doing it for others but YOURSELF!!!!!!(Repeated Millions OF Times BY REAL ACTUAL ENTHUSIAST!!!)

If these two simple things aren't even in the intricate receipe of car tuning. Find something else to bastardsize.

Real recognizes real. Most people in the car world can instantly connect and tell who's phony and who's fake. The final product shows....

That short little memo is followed by this. Yes this is a what?????? A YUGO!(Any thoughts Serbian People???) Believe it or not I believe ANY CAR CAN BE REALLY GOOD. Doubt the naysayers, Be different and creative.

Only complaints are wheel selection. Hard to find people who put in time on these badboys. I bet I'm the first blog to TALK ABOUT YUGOS!?

October 8, 2009

Can Godzilla Still Be Called Godzilla If He Can't Walk?

I can't imagine how the owner feels but he was kind enough to snap GREAT pictures of his stolen GTR rims.

October 6, 2009

Eat This Takumi!

Below was some photoshop job of BBS LMS on the new Toyota Concept car named FT-86. Credits to guy. Damn I'm loving this already.

October 4, 2009

A Night In Gotham City

I had a chance to talk to Stefan Co-owner of D2Forged about this particular car and other things their company does. Stefan's a cool guy and answered most of my questions. Short and simple summary, D2Forged manufactures wheels and the other D2Autosports is a retail company.

Further info on parts and etc.

Plainview, NY

Yes this car's ABSOLUTE VODKA dope.

October 1, 2009

Wide Body Chaser = Hardbody

This is just hardbody style. Widebodied BN Aero is madness.

Until this happens...