October 27, 2009

Rallye Lexus Meet

Great turnout. Thank Billy and all the guys at Rallye. A wide variety of cars showed up. They would like to turn this to an actually even instead of a meet. Hopefully it gets sponsored. I didin't put up all my photos here is what I'm going to put up for now. Stay tuned for part II.

F-Sports goodies.

WRX Wagon.

View of Cars 1

2scs & 2is

4 Doors only section.

He has the power folding side mirrors I want it.

Theo's GTO.

Billy's Track Car. The Rallye Hat adds +50rwhp

Yes, Thats a HKS KIT IN NYC!

Chris's GS


I always see Stingrays in any car event I have attended so far....

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Nuckin' Futs said...

It was a good turn out, Billy's car was just nuts. I cant wait till next year to see what they got done sponsorwise like Billy was saying. Should be hot if we can get some vendors there too.