August 30, 2009

Ito's 180sx

Highlights of the video the yellow sweater :).

August 25, 2009


If you cant make a European Car look good you should just find another hobby. All it takes is a suspension setup, spacers, fender rolling and nice offset rims. Most come out of the factory with a nice sleek body already. On the other hand with my car I cant stand the sight of it in stock form like most Japanese Cars.

What Is Your Type?

Sorry peoples no pictures. Time for some summer reading.

Let's face it not everyone can agree on one thing. It can be to a type of girl, to food, a piece of ass, and just about everything in the universe. Thats why theres so much crazy shit in this world..This now shifts over to cars. What type of cars do people like,build, or assemble? Different people have different opinions. Is your car circuit spec? show queen? drag? drift? high speed? beater? daily? or you just wanna have a nice car or the new hotness? All builds and budgets aren't the same. But as stated in my earlier blogs from this month I tend to want to have fantasies on street cars. You ask why? For one they (assuming are street legal) are the cars you see on a regular basis just like your Nissan Sentra dodging potholes.

1.A daily driver has to be reliable so there is some what of a challenge if you would like to upgrade any internal engine components. Going from mild to wild bhp numbers.
2.Next the indivuality and style of the owner is reflected on in the streets. I don't know about other people but when I see and hear a Blue Supras wastegate with clean ass VS-XX I go nuts and stop everything I do or even a BBS LM M3 I see driven to work on a daily basis in my area.

Thats it for now. So lets hear from the readers(assuming I have any) what does dey prefer? :/

August 24, 2009


This man err college boy has paid his dues.. This car has been a project car since day one and its not even done yet. This is one of the nicest SCs out in America. The scary part is its not even done. Stance is gonna be worked on and other things etc. etc. Go check out his blog. Illest!!!!

Without further a dew. The Snaps.

August 20, 2009


Damn lately, I have been wondering if I should have gotten a Miata or not.... Now I can just wonder,stare,drool and dream. Maybe as a future daily driver, or a project car. Now I am making expensive payments for my sxe10... Cost for everything in NYC is QWAZI(Crazy).

August 19, 2009


Got back from Massachusetts a few days ago. Really really chill people. Here is a small preview of what I have witnessed that weekend. That town had a lot of tuned cars! Mad Euro Spek Cars!!!

August 12, 2009

YaY Field Trip in A Few Days!

Going to Boston in a few days. Thanks to Rarkos House getting his aero done and seeing the guys at Euro Design. Don't worry about the coverage I got it. Seeing all of Boston and crazy European Cars, cant say no to that. Be in the look out for his Soarer. Pics will be up in a few days. TEAM DEFAULT YO!


August 11, 2009

The Right Away To BBQ

Since were having a "summer day" here in NYC around 90 finally. I figured I show the art of bbq'in. This is the best way to bbq. Nothing else beats this.

August 10, 2009

Coolest Package Wrapping

This was waiting for me when I got home from a crazy getaway :(. This is probably the best package wrapping I ever received. I hope someone can top this. Clever stylish yet saves on shipping. I am lucky that the inner contents box was not destroyed.

I Love Wagons

Nothing shows you are MORE MATURE AND COOL in a wagon. I seriously love wagons. It is seen as a family car and not JDM MAD TYTE YO! I think there excellent tuning platforms.. I would have gotten a Legacy Wagon or an Impreza Wagon but I was swayed away by an FR 4 door monster :)

August 7, 2009

What kind of cars do I like?

Simple street cars, there your standard cars with your ac, assumably they can hold other passengers, have radio, the point is it is the point, it shows the persons style and personality in it. Seeing street cars in the wild is the best, I just go ape wild when I see a turbo'd supra zoom by me with the wastegate blowin, or a m3 with bbs lms!(These are cars that pass by my house on a regular bases) examples of that

August 6, 2009


What do we have here? A zeto! I just love this car..

August 5, 2009

First Post..

What makes this blog unique? Its run by a super terrific happy guy thats why!!! But expect random rants, my subpar photography(I'm Working On It), about cars I approve dopeness, and most importantly the car club I belong to as well. I am really just an enthusiast. I have no money to track, drift or any of that crazy stuff.. However it does not stop me from being an enthusiast :). Expect to see some of my car in the next month or so. IT IS PURE STOCK :(..... Me Need Aero Wyvern. I will leave it as a mystery for now...

With Out Further Interruptions, Pictures... P.S. Not Mine :(