November 29, 2009

S15 Walk Around

Yes its a eccentric hobby of mine to randomly look at car exhaust clips on Youtube. Here is one I was drooling at a few years back. Enjoy my randomness.

So Clean...............

November 28, 2009


Yea despite being the most overly tuned Lexus because of affordability. It's also one of the worst to be bastardized. I'm not even gonna go into details of how crappy people modify these. Well heres one of my favorite stateside.

November 25, 2009

Vans & Wagons

Yes, driving 6 people can be cool.

Admit it NYC this van is cooler than 85% of the fixed up cars running around here.

MMM Altezza Gita Wagon.. I saw two this year alone.

November 22, 2009

That Impreza

This car is so simple but its so crazy. It makes me go wild.

November 19, 2009

A Car For Sale

Yea its a repeat of Jon's website. Logan's car is for sale. I hate too see it go but I hope it finds a good home. I wish this offer came along when I was buying a car :( More info below.

$10,000 WITH wheels/tires
$8,500 without wheels/tires

November 17, 2009


This year just keeps getting worst. New York's car scene sucks already and too make matters worst were going to be getting these ugly NEW LICENSE PLATES. Our state lacks cars enough already so too make things worst were going to be getting ugly mustard/old navy yellow Fat sweater colors. THAT ALL NEW YORK STATE RESIDENTS MUST PAY A MANDATORY $25. Its suppose to generate the state $120 million. We can thank that LEGALLY BLIND MORON DAVID PATTERSON for other ways to screw us over.

Vintage 90s Plate. Bring our swag back!


Equals =

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO HELP US BANISH these ugly plates. I can't imagine how ugly my car would be with these ugly plates on.

November 15, 2009

Tease ! SuperTerrific ! Car Parts

Well here is a small preview of what parts I have been able to gather so far. Nothing too special. All the parts I was able to pull through were all on deals though!~~Yea being a poor college student means utilizing your resources to the MAX I'm just awaiting my Front Bumper to come from Japan.... Hurry with it already (>;-;)> The aero should go on spring ahhh so far yet so close from now.

I got the JDM tilt plate yo!

November 14, 2009

A Picnicy Type Of Day

For all the Euro scene fans, here is something you may appreciate.

November 12, 2009

Relation To Pretty Tony

All my post even non car related I make related to cars one way or another. Why? Because my blog wouldn't be SUPER TERRIFIC! then. Well if you watched Iron Man Aka Pretty Tony's other alias he had an Audi R8 in it and other expensive cars I forgot to mention. Well here is a pic of an Audi not an R8 but a nicely stanced Audi S4, backdrop is another fine mobile a 911 which looks to be a track car. See the connection?>

Pretty Tony In The Building.

Yea I actually got to see a REAL HIP-HOP LEGEND IN THE FLESH. Show was dope. All at the heart of NYC, Times Square. We doing it big! haha.. If your generation is this trash you call WALE, Drake, Soulja Whack and Wayne just to name one of the millions of artist who suck now you would never understand this video right here. For all the smart dumb cats out dere. This was one of my favorite parts of the show. Crowd got wild with it.

November 10, 2009

Street Z

After seeing a couple of tuned Z's lately thought I'd share this photo. JUST CLEAN.

November 8, 2009

Here is some FF Love.

Gotcha FF love with a mix of rear wheel drive. We can all get along. Soarer single exhaust with a Civic in the back with Regamasters. I still want REGAMASTERS!!!! BOTH are REALLY CLEAN. +++

November 7, 2009

Thanks Touge Factory! F!@k You New York Shops

Man what can I say these guys have showed me nothing but love and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They are really really chill guys. Thanks to Jamie from Togue Factory my ____ and a few other goodies were delivered. BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO TOUGE FACTORY! Sorry no pictures as of yet. But I recall from a Super Street issue a few years back when I was in high school this article Super Street ran on Togue Factory of their drift cars. Mind you this was 5 years back.. Fast forward to the future I actually trying to at least show my interest and voice in the automotive world to show what little the East Coast has by creating a (un)?successful blog.

I do have a hard time trusting people in the car world in New York City its hard to find quality friends or chill people. This goes for all the shops and shady people around here which I won't support. Case and example, I had two "TUNING SHOPS" do a simple maintenance on a NON TURBO ECLIPSE. WHAT HAPPENED I HAD A BLOWN ROD IN THE END. One shop couldn't even put two radiator hoses together. I won't even bother on naming the CAR STORES HERE THAT OVERCHARGE AND rape the customers with "JDM" brand goodies. If I wanted to wait 4 years for pads from Japan I would have taken my kayak and went extreme kayaking I could have made it faster than their shipping methods.

The point of all this is that I have to source my way to other parts of the country which I do not mind at all. IF I'M GONNA GET SERVICE THAT IS 1 BILLION TIMES BETTER than the service I would get in New York Shitty,I would rather support great businesses such as Togue Factory. When car shops and car people start doing things they love here in New York maybe then you can expect a change in this stale market of "tuning."

I'm out like this Evo X.

November 5, 2009


Yea it was only a matter of time and as expected I'm bragging about something in a New Yorker fashion. If there's a major symbol of NEW YORK CITY one of them is THE ICONIC New York Yankees. Aside their alternate colorways being the Italy flag's(NYC JOKE);It's not just their logo, colors, organization, stadium. owners, players, hat and swag. Its everything. There is a reason it's THE BEST SELLING HAT of all time(Nice Try Jay-Z, Mase and Puffy were wearing the Yankee fitteds long before you did. Refer to Mo,Money Mo Problems Video). But Yea THEY FINALLY WON THE WORLD SERIES!!! Its been LONG OVERDUE AND PAINFUL. CONGRATS.

Take That America The Yankees Won. Yes you hate NYC~~

Yea I had to give Matsui a shout out for being MVP. No I don't favor him as my favorite Yankee because he is Asian. Okay I do plus the fact that he goes out night in and out to do work without showboating. World Series average 8 for 13 (.615) with three homers and eight RBIs.

You might ask how this is car related, as referred to earlier, The alternate colorway of the New York Yankees is the Italy flag's colorways. Yes many Italians or other New Yorkers love the Yankees. They show this love by tinting their vehicles and putting the infamous logo in the Italian colorway or its just a basic tint with the Yankee logo around. Yes this is a "mod" to people here.

Tints, stickers, and two tone rims not included. --->

November 3, 2009


An update for you guys. Details of the fiasco in the blog.( I better get a free sticker of this!Haha)

November 2, 2009

Doraemon ! Snake = Hype

Yes, I try to make all my post about cars but that can be redundant so from time to time I will post random things that interest me. Cool art work by NuckinFuts. Simple. Yes my favorite, Doraemon is in this. Snake should be afraid~~~

Be on the look out for his new and improved blog.

November 1, 2009

Nuckin Futs = Hi Risk Pornographer

I had to update because fellow NYC blogger Nuckin-Futs was flagged by blogspot. Why? I don't know. It may have had to do with leud photos in his background or a crazed hater that just flagged him for no reason. Farfetched? I doubt it. Here is a picture that sums up what has happened to his blog. His logo was featured earlier this month on my blog. Just scroll down.