September 28, 2009

September 24, 2009

Yes, your killing it.

I am strongly promoting the rise of the East Coast in the car world. Especially the finacially capital of the world aka the WORLDS CITY NEW YORK CITY. Yes we have everything you can think of ,yes wild Ethiopain thunder tigers do exist, there in the Bronx Zoo. I salute you guy with the crazy Z.

September 21, 2009


Finally after years of lagging behind in the car scene. New York City is finally creepin around the corner. Yea this city is filled with 24/7 hustlin, no matter who you are your hustling. Its hard to find free time whatever it is that you do in your leisure out here that is.. I don't wanna make excuses and stuff but cost of living here in New York City is ridiculous. Here are some snaps of VIP themed cars. Daily driven and yes you are not mistaken NY Plates.

September 17, 2009

My Day At Time Trials

Well I drove about 3 hours to Catskills mountains. For those of you who don't know where that is. It is all the way in upstate New York, Interestingly enough if you Carbon Date the rocks from there and the rocks from the coast of Africa they match. You can learn about the beggining stages of life there and there is also a race track. I don't wanna blab on about useful knowledge to you guys haha. Here are some pictures.

No I didint time attack. In the near future. A lot of mixed cars came out from American muscle cars, to some European cars and Japanese cars. You had a mix of just about everything. I was kinda ignored the whole time and people didin't feel like chatting with me.The "import boyz" were just giving me random stares and were acting pretty hard. I don't know if your tough if you tilt your Yankee hat.. and wear baggy jeans. I just talked to the old heads whom were pretty cool. The coolest guy there was the older gentleman with the Stingray. He was pretty chill with me snapping and we exchanged a few words here and there.

A racial harmony of cars.

Yes we are all car enthusiast.

Miatas. Expect too see them at any track event. Gotta love em.

An M3.!

Believe or not a Grandfather was the driver of this car.

Stingray. He was just mellow.

Something new. Dodge______

This civic started in the end but killed the miata.

September 14, 2009

Go Green

I think when I get to choose my set of wheels its going to get rough. I am narrowing it down to either green or white. Mostly likely green. I like flamboyant and bright colors. Having contrast and being different is good. Well for me that is. Here are a wide variety of cars from fr, ff to awd. Yea its three pictures.

September 10, 2009

GTR Wagon?!

No just a Stagea fitted with a GTR Front end.

September 9, 2009

Aero Galore II

Part two of the IS300 aero galore. These are just a few more off the top of my head. I couldn't list all of the aeros of the Is300. I would be on here posting for a good 2-3 hours. Maybe one day. But here is part two.

Arms Design - 3 Piece Lip Also. Rare Kit as well. I don't even know if they are active still.

Elixir - One of my favorite Is300 aero kits. This just screams out Chaser junior. I dont even know if anyone in the USA has this. If so please send me pictures.

HKS - Big Baller Aero, I only know about three people with this kit in the USA from my knowledge. Fitment and styling looks very oem.

Modellista Aero - These came out as one of the special edition Altezzas. You can buy the Aero for this but expect to pay.

Wald Aero Kit - 2nd most popular kit to buy after Vertex. Just lips and optional fender flares.

September 8, 2009

Aero Galore

I got quoted the other day for the aero that I will be buying. Looks like I will be getting it sooner than I think. In the mean time I can just drool on these IS pictures and just wait... :(

Below are some photos of IS300 Aero parts. I could not list all of them but here are some I like.

BN Sports - I know only a few people have this kit in the USA. BN sports sold this in a limited run in America I believe.

Vertex - The most common brand to aero to put on car XX. Would I get it? No but it is one of the nicest looking kits for Altezzas.

CWest - I don't think I even have to explain who CWest is. No further explanation on who even owns this.

Amuse - I don't think anyone in America even has this kit. One of the rare photos of this beast.

Neo Gen Aero - Oem on some Altezza models. 2004 or later I believe. I don't know if this came standard or optional?

September 4, 2009


Imagine your in a highway and you see 15 or so cars tuned out. I don't know about other people but seeing a group of tuners together just brings joy to my senses. This video was maybe mid 90s. Oh yea I love the music :).

September 2, 2009

What I Hate About IS300 Owners Part I

Guess what readers? The car I drive is a 2004 Lexus IS300.I got it because I love rear wheel drive cars and 4 door drifting. With my build I plan to build a comfy daily driver that shows my interest in the automotive world and homage to all the people who TEAR THOSE TRACKS err Streets UP. Yes I will plan to bring it to the aspalt a few times next year when I slowly build it up.

I thought IS owners are cool and helpful, it turns out most of them are + RoaR +. Most IS300 owners don't even track their cars and treat it like its a classic Lotus, when its one of the lowest priced Lexuses next to the ES. Lets not fake the funk folks.

What is wrong with the stock one? Your not in Lemans nor does this look cool, not only does the cars fogs not match but it looks stupid with your clear headlights..... To top it off TWO TONE RIMS UGHHHHHHH...

2. Halo Headlights or Tailights
"Its no different than putting rear altezza style tailights on a civic" Said by Ill Roller. Couldn't have said it any better. We don't drive AUDIS OR BIMMERS.....

IS300s I belive come with a Denso ballast and a Phillips bulb rated at 4300k. 4300K lightout is the second highest, however some people wanna have that cool look and get a Made in China knock off ballast and bulb.. All I ask is why???? Its gonna die out in a few months.

4. Painting your OEM Brake Calipers
Thats probably one of the MOST ANNOYING MODS EVER. Its ugly it attracts too much attention and its just ridiculous. Our brakes are not brembos.

5. Getting a COOL TYTE BODY KIT.
I refuse to call this an aero kit because it sucks. Its clearly a poor mans kit and just shows you are faking the funk. Erebuni is the name of this company. They are very very famous and popular here in the East Coast of the United States. They make ugly body kits for anything you can name from Dodge Neons, to Cavaliers, and Lion cages. They primarily cater to the HORRIBLE TASTE OF CAR ENTHUSIAST OF PEOPLE primarily in NYC.

6. CF Hoods On The Street..
If your not autocrossing/rallying/drifting/drag or any type of motorsports just stop..

I seen some guy whom, had ugly two tone rims and was grilling at me when I needed a spare for my previous whack mobile. He seriously thought he was the ish.. with a cf hood and grilling really hard at my friends for no apparent reason.

7. The full works
This is not the worst IS300 I have seen to date. I have been reved at by a local is300 owner with the same setup as this blue one also just as ugly(picture below) but that is300 is black and has a huge dragon vinyl on its side door panels. I saw the owner once coming of an exit ramp and when we got to the red light he glanced at my stock is300 and revved at me.

Things I did not cover
Painted Stock Rims,

Stay tuned for part II. I will cover ground effects, my hate for, wheel fitment and more.