September 8, 2009

Aero Galore

I got quoted the other day for the aero that I will be buying. Looks like I will be getting it sooner than I think. In the mean time I can just drool on these IS pictures and just wait... :(

Below are some photos of IS300 Aero parts. I could not list all of them but here are some I like.

BN Sports - I know only a few people have this kit in the USA. BN sports sold this in a limited run in America I believe.

Vertex - The most common brand to aero to put on car XX. Would I get it? No but it is one of the nicest looking kits for Altezzas.

CWest - I don't think I even have to explain who CWest is. No further explanation on who even owns this.

Amuse - I don't think anyone in America even has this kit. One of the rare photos of this beast.

Neo Gen Aero - Oem on some Altezza models. 2004 or later I believe. I don't know if this came standard or optional?


Anonymous said...

You don't like this IS kit??



I forgot to mention the HKS kit. I usually do all my post spontaneously. I was just thinking of is300 kits off the top of my head. I know the HKS kit is expensive and rare. Only a hand full of people have them in the USA. I know the fitment and flushness of that kit is like oem. Its alright I guess. I like the look of a drift car more. I can blame the Toyota 4-doors for that.

SileightyMania said...

My absolute favoritest is BN by far! And then HKS comes after!