September 17, 2009

My Day At Time Trials

Well I drove about 3 hours to Catskills mountains. For those of you who don't know where that is. It is all the way in upstate New York, Interestingly enough if you Carbon Date the rocks from there and the rocks from the coast of Africa they match. You can learn about the beggining stages of life there and there is also a race track. I don't wanna blab on about useful knowledge to you guys haha. Here are some pictures.

No I didint time attack. In the near future. A lot of mixed cars came out from American muscle cars, to some European cars and Japanese cars. You had a mix of just about everything. I was kinda ignored the whole time and people didin't feel like chatting with me.The "import boyz" were just giving me random stares and were acting pretty hard. I don't know if your tough if you tilt your Yankee hat.. and wear baggy jeans. I just talked to the old heads whom were pretty cool. The coolest guy there was the older gentleman with the Stingray. He was pretty chill with me snapping and we exchanged a few words here and there.

A racial harmony of cars.

Yes we are all car enthusiast.

Miatas. Expect too see them at any track event. Gotta love em.

An M3.!

Believe or not a Grandfather was the driver of this car.

Stingray. He was just mellow.

Something new. Dodge______

This civic started in the end but killed the miata.

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Foxie | CarsxGirl said...

Yay Miata love! :P Yeah, I notice that I tend to talk to the older guys at car events than younger ones... Not only does my car view more align with theirs (I'm a purist) but they don't have the same sort of prejudices and are more open to just chatting with other enthusiasts. Only problem is I'm usually left coveting their cars, many of the car guys I know are older than me, and therefore make a lot more money than I do... For now.