October 29, 2010

October 28, 2010

Random Jargon: Fetish With Japan

 To Marko:

Thanks for your innovative carblog!

 I decided to start writing columns with random thoughts and topics that I just want to cover because no one else wants to write something that matters. I like the whole automotive lifestyle however some of us have eloquent intelligence and not all of us just wanna "boost" stand around meets, act hard in small circles, talk about what I did with my car for the past month, and post a bunch of silly nonsense in forums with my banner of a import model showing some part of her body.

 Anyway, it  has come to my attention a giant portion of the "JDM" car world has exoticized Japan to the point it is the motherland of culture and other things.The origins of this exoticisim dates back to British poets and writers seeing the orient as mystique. My cross reference now comes into liking hip-hop and black culture. Growing up in NYC and around a black community hasen't changed who I am. I do like the music and their culture but must I marry a black woman eat  their foods travel to black communites and try to do what they do on a regular to be down?The answer is no, I honestly don't see the point and logic of traveling soley for a country for "cars." Yea Japan is different from your country adapting capitalism and democracy. Why dont you go to Burma there are Asian people over there or even Chad I'm sure you can take pictures and blog about sadness....

October 26, 2010

Ultimate Sticker

Who have you struck today?

October 25, 2010

Touring Car Aero

After learning an HKS kit cost $7000-$8000 to ship to America, all plans were shattered. I accientally stumbled upon this amazing BTCC Altezza touring car. Yes you can actually buy this aero kit, which I find to be amazing. The slightly modified front bumper and rear overfenders are wider giving the Altezza a more aggresive stance and look. The Altezza should have came out of the factory with these few tweaks. Well I found the ultimate aero for the Altezza and it didint come from Japan but Europe.

Anymore info would be marvelous.

I can just imagine this car without the stickers. Would be nuts.

October 23, 2010

Familiar Faces

Rob and Stefan from EuroDesignMK?? Most random  youtube vid!!!


거울 앞 난 겁이 많고 누구보다 여린
센 척 못하는 눈물 많은 dummy I was nothin'
But a lil' kid from my mama's womb My mama and my father's son
lotta thangs I gotta learn 잃어버린 나를 찾아서 떠나
어쩔 수 없이 도시의 법을 따라서

October 21, 2010

Beautiful Roadways

No one ever bothers talking about roadways. Yea sure I do all this to my car but never do I wonder or  thank the people that do work on our highways. Maybe if NYC wasn't filled with all these assholes that are lazy and do half ass jobs on construction I would be praising a lot more about the cities roads. However, here are countries with extraordinary scenic views of nature along with mans creation of roads.Here are a few highway systems that caught my attention. Sorry asshole that's romanticizing and exoticizing Japan. There ARE OTHER COUNTRIES in the world that are beautiful and their roadways  are overlooked at because it's not chique or trendy as Japan.

Here are a few that caught my mind


Beograde, Serbia



October 20, 2010

Yea Man

I don't even know what car this is. Any info would be great.

October 19, 2010


Looking pretty and never being driven is out. Daily drivers are in.

October 18, 2010

What Could Have Been

At times I feel like I bought the wrong car.

October 17, 2010

Back In The Day FM..

FM Circa 5-6 years ago.

Car Brothers

For life? Why???

October 15, 2010

Angles of angles

When lowered, angle.

October 13, 2010


I was delightfully emailed by Doug Pierce of RaceFansTV.Below is a summary I wanted Doug to answer so viewers can understand what their website is about. I wanted to share with the rest of you guys an on demand type of thing for automtive enthusiast. Now we can all enjoy watching vintage racing videos in high quality as well as current races. I know many of you will enjoy this website they know have 1,000 racing videos.The link can be found http://racefanstv.com/

RaceFansTV.com was launched in late May 2010 after 6 months of development by a team of motorsport enthusiasts and technology professionals.  The company was founded by Chuck Ehredt, an American living in Barcelona, Spain – but his team includes a large number of high-profile individuals and companies working from multiple countries that each bring strategic value to the initiative.

The idea for RaceFansTV germinated in 2009 when Chuck Ehredt realized that many race series had accumulated a great deal of historical racing videos that would have been on TV at one time or another, but in recent years had been collecting dust in various archives.  He also knew that motorsport enthusiasts are happy to watch racing all week long and not just when the big F1, MotoGP, or NASCAR race is live on Sundays.  Unfortunately these enthusiasts had very little access to television programming that included much racing during the week and no access to historical races (which often times are more interesting than current races because of the people involved, the cars, or the safety standards of the day).  

With that observation in mind, he started to develop a business plan to create a company that would license historical racing video programs from content owners and share revenues with them, while creating a website that could be the destination on the Internet for motorsports enthusiasts who wanted to watch such programming while participating in a community, reviewing the latest news, and helping keep a wiki of historical racing information up-to-date.  The team also felt that if they could attract a large audience of motorsport enthusiasts, they would also be able to fund the operations via advertising – since over $2 billion is spent each year on sponsorships and related advertising.

RaceFansTV currently has 11 active channels including channels dedicated to Sports Car, Touring Car, Rally & Off-Road, Stock Car, Racing Documentaries, Powerboat, Open Wheel, Drag Racing, Sprint Car Racing, and several others.  This allows enthusiasts to watch races of greatest interest to them at any time of the day, 7 days per week.  Each channel streams full racing programs 24 hours per day just like a TV channel.  However, with the flexibility of the Internet, visitors can restart a video that has already begun, or come back later to watch the end of a program if they get interrupted.

RaceFansTV offers all of its content to visitors and members for free.  However, people can subscribe for about $5 per month in order to watch the videos in high quality, watch videos when it is more convenient to them, watch videos in full-screen, and enjoy videos with less advertising.  By November 2010, Subscribers will be able to watch RaceFansTV videos on their hand-held devices and wide screen TVs.

The team at RaceFansTV believes that the volume of videos (mostly clips) on the Internet is already overwhelming for consumers to find things of interest – and getting worse every day.  For this reason, RaceFansTV is positioning itself as the primary ´go-to´ destination for consumers to find great motorsport content, rather than have to weed through thousands of websites to find bits and pieces of interesting content among a bunch of low interest information.  With this goal in mind, RaceFansTV expects to start broadcasting some races live, and work more closely with the most popular racing series to help them gain exposure for their events and simplify the lives of their fans by providing all their video content in one place.

October 11, 2010

Fly Like An Altezza

Fly like an Altezza.. Dope song and video. I usually don't like anything new that comes out here. They been doing their thing for more than 5 years. I won't go into the detail of the eye candy in the video but I'll let the viewers see it.

How is the video even car related? Peep below:

Used Cars

Cool used car. Info on what car this is would be great.

October 8, 2010

No Dubs Here

Cadillac sedan on Rotas.

October 7, 2010


Its a base model to...

October 6, 2010

Take You To The Fit

Bangs got an official commercial with Honda??? Emer get your weight up.

Pressure Washer On Coilovers

Everything is stanced.

October 4, 2010


Simple, subtle always works. Idea for my next rims, taking cues from Imprezas.

October 1, 2010

Cool Corolla

VIP inspired, why not.