January 31, 2010


Well after posting about the convertible s15 earlier this week, I just realized I like hardtops(NO HOMO!). You buy a convertible for the purpose of having no roof and feel the wind pounding on your face(NO HOMO!) but I can't stop liking how convertibles roll with hardtops. It just looks so right.

Don't mind the "JDMness" of the Civic in the rear..........

Back ^-^

Well after not blogging for a week or so I started to miss my blog. Well I'm back greater than ever. New layout and logo. I'd seriously like to give much props, ONCE AGAIN to Nuckin Futs AKA Marko for whipping up this layout for me. Previous logo and modifying of my old layout was once again done by him. If you do need any layouts or something please contact Marko for any further information or hit up his blog. Sorry guys I'm just a computer technican not a graphics design wizard:(

If you haven't seen his sonning someone earlier this week I suggest you take a look at the crazyness that has occured in his blog. Dangle from Hell Fish noticed earlier this week that someone has plagarised Marko's article. A lot of things has happened to his blog since the creation of it this past August 2009. Its only January of this new and early year and this wild goose chase happens. Guys name Scooter, a Nazi, beach walks and boyish racist remarks........ Don't wanna give the details for an interesting read so peep the whole story for yourself.

But back to the logo and layout he has created for me. Its simple easy to navigate. You guys can now have feeds. I love all the colors that went into the layout and my new logo. Doraemon X teal X Mickie = SUCCESS. Simple yet abundant. Once again I can't thank him enough. I do have a couple of other layouts that he made for me and they are all good. I'm changing layouts faster than Subaru does with Imprezas.. Har.. Har...

Still updating all my links and stuff. So if you don't see your link up there please be patient.Be on the lookout for unveiling various colorways and etc. in the future. For now lets enjoy~~

January 27, 2010

Under Construction

I will be getting a new logo and layout. So stay tuned for updates. Sorry there will be no updates for a few days or so guys. If everything doesn't look normal I apologize.

January 26, 2010

Does Anyone Remember This?

Convertible s15? Anyone... It looks pretty bad to me but someone out there must have done this model correctly. Prove me wrong!

January 25, 2010

Respect For Your Elders

"Maybe next time junior.." Says the NSX........

January 23, 2010

M3 Sedan

When I'm walking in the street I can already tell far away even when its parked its an M3. Something in my car senses just knows its an M, you ask why? I have no idea either it always just happens that I can sense the BMW is an M model.

January 22, 2010

A Normal House

Would you ever think that this house is something out of the ordinary if the driveway was closed? The giant garage door may give it away.... Imagine driving a different Z everyday with one extra one!

January 21, 2010

The GRB Impreza Sedan

I was browsing through Rolling Republics car blog and stumbled upon the new Impreza chasis sedan model with rpf01s. It's true that it is difficult to make the new Impreza sedan look moderately alright it maybe due to the similarities of a Toyota Corolla. Was reading some car books yesterday and saw the Zero Sports Time Attack one they can look pretty crazy. The GRB sedan I've seen time attacking does not have these wheels but bronze or white te's I believe. Car looks nuts. This was the best I could find though. Pictures and a video.

January 20, 2010

Where In The Movies

Great video of two BMW's tearing the streets up.

January 19, 2010

Lexus's Significance In Hip-Hop

Topic came from Marko aka
Nuckin Futs
Yes, he has noticed that GS and Sc are always mentioned by a lot of hip-hop artist from the golden era aka the 90s. I can't list every video or list every song but you get the idea. If you listen to a lot of old hip hop you will recognize. The rest is in his website do go check it out.

January 18, 2010

Daily Driven SC

Daily driven Sc, yes I love daily driven cars. Just seeing it in the wild makes me go nuts. I usually dislike two tone rims however everynow and then someone can pull it off.

More Thanks

I don't think I can thank enough people. No pictures or any eye candy for this post. This blog really wouldn't have started without a great name and great logo. Well since I started this blog I have yet to formally thank my friend Marko aka Nuckin Futs to you bloggers. I can't thank him enough that he has created a logo for me from scratch. He does do graphic designs as a job and hobby. Take my word for it. Just check out the stuff he has done. Feel free to check his blog out or email him. Arrange price quotes. I don't have any of his work but there all over the internet he just does not brag.

My other thanks goes out to Togue Factory. They weren't just out for profit or anything. Very cool company. Yes they did provide excellent service and price for my sideskirts and rear bumper thank you guys. Shout out to Jamie from Crazuknights! Thanks.

January 15, 2010

Thanks David

Received love from the West Coast from David at Rolling Republic. Thank You Very Much I will Enjoy these stickers.

If you haven't checked out his crews blog http://rollingrepublic.com/ by now please do so you can see how exclusive this car is(Take A Look And Find Out). Check out the Toyota van in the rear!

Same Car But Somethings Different

It was only a matter of time before posting something SXE10 related. Personally stock is300 gita wagons look sooo much better than the sedan. Yes he does have the vertex front fenders. So which one do you guys like. I'm honestly stumped but if I did have to choose it would be the grams light white wheels. I have a thing for white wheels.

January 14, 2010

New Year & Contemplating

Well, its been a few months since I have been blogging. Lately I feel like I've hit a personal wall. I have spent a ton of time surfing the internet and looking at automotive related stuff. I just realized what makes my blog different from most other car blogs?Somethings I post may already have been seen.. I am wondering whether or not I should continue and go on but I will continue posting!

Everyday I feel like I see the same things over and over again. With the internet and so many carsites and forums going on, the new hotness dies out in five minutes. The appreciation and value of the car goes away quite fast. It is easily replaced by something else quickly. Does anyone feel this way? How do you deal with it?

Compared to the rest of the bloggers I feel my passion isin't as dedicated as a lot of you.

January 11, 2010


Everytime I see a Cressedia on the street I always glance at it very very hard. It scares the drivers sometimes haha. I just envy one that has one of these classic fr sedans. Rims I think are Rotas? Correct me if I'm wrong, but who cares. I dig it. White rims are the best!

January 9, 2010

Super & Etc:: The Death Of American Car Magazines

Well I decided to add something new in my blog I'd like to call a Super Rant. It's basically spontaneous ideas that come into my head. I figure I might as well write about it. Well here it goes....

I remember in the late 90s early 2000's I was an avid reader of import car magazines. I would be reading turbo, import tuner, sportscompact car, and superstreet. I notice quality began taking a dip in the mid 2000s around 2004.A lot of factors have to be taken into account for this dip. Possible reasons blogging, mass sharing in the internet, high speed cable being easier to attain for the masses, digital photography being easier to access, automotive forums, more user friendly video and photography editing software and the economy. When Prime Media began buying all the Import branches thats when death happened. Magazines began thinning and more women and advertisements where on pages. It didin't help that the economy was doing poorly as well. Many publications began getting axed such as sportscompactcar(An Actual Quality Magazine! and the only one I can think of getting cancelled at the moment). If I wanted to be teased I would be in the early stages of a relationship. I'm a car enthusiast, just because I am one doesn't always translate to one being a meathead. Many of us are articulate just look at all the blogs as an example. I'm also not in high school anymore. I don't really want almost naked women near car photos. It just looks really tacky. I stopped reading car magazines in the states since 2006 when my super street subscription ended. I had to deal with other priorities in life and put my passion on hold until 2009 it reimmerged.

I realized a lot of car magazines here try to persuade 15-25 year olds. Look at every cover from modified magazine to import tuner etc. etc. How they manage to sway people is their winning forumla as I'd like to call it.
The winning forumla for them : Almost naked woman showing her tummy, chest,back or legs somewhere in the cover or she could be the cover, bright colored vechicle putting out X amount of horsepower, GIANT FONT EMPHASIZING WHAT THE CAR IS ABOUT, and a captivating font to get your attention to buy this crappy $6.00 magazine. The worst part is when they interview the model for a magazine and when your a young pubescent boy or loser reading the model interview.(Yes I admit I fell victim as both)
The following is a mock Q & A they always do such as this:

Q: What do you look for in a guy?
Model: He has to smell nice, a good sense of humor, a head on his shoulders
Q:How could a guy approach you?
Model: He should just be confident and not cocky.
Q:What ethnicity are you
Model: Well, to be "technical about it" I am laotian, thai, filipino,chinese,german,peruvian and rat.

The reason for this generic answer is to give the boy hope and keep reading the magazines. That way it can give hope for him in his dreams that the girl he yanks his hank to could one day like him.

Gee this doesn't have all the things I just talked about...

The worst magazine of all. Import Tuner is pretty JDM look the Tokyo skyline at night and flag is in the back!

Yea I'm curious to see the GT-R as the street king or I can see a whole page of the girl in the bikini.

Are you buying import tuners for colored cars or c-cups?

Why is the woman on the top left cover anyway? Does it have to do with coilovers?

The point of all this? With the horrible quality of magazines what's the point of their publications? Magazines are slowly slowly dying but not.I don't think these magazines will ever die because there are still morons picking up and buying these magazines who think this is the hotness. Until people become selfaware that anytime you buy something its not just buying a product but an idealogy. Colorful cars, almost naked women and articles a seven year old can understand is something you want to buy??
Not to knock on anyone but there are nice quality rides that pop up now and then in the magazines after they been all over the internet..... So I do have to give credit to the owner of the car not the magazine. It's just another exposure for him or her..

I see everyone blogging doing a better job and coverage than the content I see in magazines. None of that watered bs and such. Blogging is already a force. Import Tuner I've seen has recently been asking readers to give photos of their projects and such. They even ask for links of ones website and such. Also look at Super Street asking Risky Devil for a feature. So we do have the power people.

January 8, 2010

Blogs To Look Out For

This should have been my first post of the New Year but I kept procrastinating. I couldn't any longer and had to post about all the other blogs. I know I did not list all the blogs but these are the blogs I have been constantly looking at. I hope to expand my blogroll and get to know more of the car enthusiast community.

I think more spotlight should be focused on the people or grass roots teams that have private blogs. Forget about the corporate sponsored guys and get to know more of these guys or girls more. I like micro blogs more because its more personal and I can get a sense of how that person is. Not paid to do it. But for the love of it.(Well if your paid to do what you love then thats really really great).

Well here are blogs I always lurk at. Without you all I wouldn't even be blogging. So many thanks to everyone seriously. Lets keep blogging and sharing our thoughts, opinions, randomness, etc. etc.

Be sure to check these blogs out!!! and the other blogs on my list.

Azndoc - Fixed gears, food, chilling in LA from an azndoc.

Car X Girl - The automotive world from a woman's perspective. She writes a lot of interesting stuff from to how car people will never be understood, fashion or car parts, women never getting the big deal of cars. Do check it out. I feel she has a lot to say and other people need to see it.

Crazu Knights - Man these guys never update! But I gotta give them respect. These guys run Hondas the way there made. Circut, spirited runs, or flat out time attacks. Informative Honda Stuff when they do update. They know their stuff.

Drft wolrd - Very clean website. Has a ton of pictures on FR chasis cars. Be sure to check it out.

Essence Garage - Can see some of their builds. Their kouki got hellaflush exposure recently. Can't forget the lovely sxe10 one of their members has. +++1 Add the cressedia in the mix its all essense~

Farm of Minds - One of the automotive blogs that brought me back into my obsession with cars.

FR Sedan - If you love four door drifting like I do look no further. Also check out his Cressedia. I can't get enough of them.

Frisky Nipples - A Team From Texas doing it. Recently a lowlife @#$%@ stole one of their crew members 180sx if you know something that can bring that car back please let them know.

Fujishino - Photography, Japanese food, cars and oobies.

Goodfeeling - I saw their LS400 and that was game over for me. A lot of sick stanced cars from California on here. Check out the sick cars they own/shoot They also blog about what they do besides cars. Great read.

Hellfish - Whether its Canyon racing, chilling, or hard parking they do it. A lot of nice Lexus pictures. Good SC coverage from SC guys. Be sure to check them out. Also check out Dangle's SC. Did UZZ sell his SC?

Hiro - The blog of a drifter. See things such as Japanese food, a look into his life, and his other adventures. He teaches to drift as well. Glad to see him drifting an IS300! :)

Irony - Drift Cars, skateboarding, fixies, and music I never heard or seen. Peep at it people!

Jason Grain Of Salt - Covers a WIDE RANGE OF CARS. Great stories also. Be sure to read the cop with the BMW getting harassed by some kids and busting them for street racing. Its either Freddy or Jason that cover the internet sensation of you chasis.

JT-Culture - Run by Quail of Okishima Program, shows us meets from England and readers rides.

Kultivate - Similar to Farm of Minds, great blog none the less.

N/A on the Run - Get to know a car enthusiast with a Legacy Sedan from his thoughts and perspective on things. We need more car enthusiast like this, taking the initiative

Nuckin Futs - Cars x Political Activism X Supreme X Brunettes. This sums up this radicals blog. He was shutdown by hip-hop police err blogspot, why? check out his militant content. It's a unique perspective.

Okishima Program - Power with Stance, A crew from England. If you haven't heard of them pick up a copy of Banzai and find out. Or you can check out their blog.

RA64 Freddy - If you missed an internet sensation of your chasis. Chances are it has been covered on here or it will be.

Rogansan - Also known as Logan. A lot of coverage on food, and whatever he wants to post about. Interesting stuff like this Air Max 90 Burger ^^^

Rolling Republic - A lot of original content. Great photos from meets by Norcal and beyond. Run by a group of friends. David, Alex and CW(Don't know your name please let me know!) Do check out their exclusive content of CRAZY EXOTICS. Check out the convertible Zonda.

Slam Burgulars - Read their handbook if you don't know them by now.
"17. The lower you go, the better it feels."

Slide Asylum - "Drift & Grip Club". Original content from their track adventures.

SRS Bzns - I remember when I just got blogging a few months ago and got overly hyped when I claimed my friends Soarer was one of the best. He just let me know I was crazy. Haha I did get too hype. Check out his blog a ton of diy stuff and other things he likes to post.