January 21, 2010

The GRB Impreza Sedan

I was browsing through Rolling Republics car blog and stumbled upon the new Impreza chasis sedan model with rpf01s. It's true that it is difficult to make the new Impreza sedan look moderately alright it maybe due to the similarities of a Toyota Corolla. Was reading some car books yesterday and saw the Zero Sports Time Attack one they can look pretty crazy. The GRB sedan I've seen time attacking does not have these wheels but bronze or white te's I believe. Car looks nuts. This was the best I could find though. Pictures and a video.


N/Aontherun said...

The GRB sedan is hard to make look aggressive, but this Zero Sport aero does just that. WoW!

SVX on vid is a rare sight indeed. They are rare here in the US and I can't imagine in japan.

Great find Mickie

Anonymous said...

Wow. GREAT find Mickie. It's beginning to grow on me more and more :D

This one looks great!

- David