January 18, 2010

More Thanks

I don't think I can thank enough people. No pictures or any eye candy for this post. This blog really wouldn't have started without a great name and great logo. Well since I started this blog I have yet to formally thank my friend Marko aka Nuckin Futs to you bloggers. I can't thank him enough that he has created a logo for me from scratch. He does do graphic designs as a job and hobby. Take my word for it. Just check out the stuff he has done. Feel free to check his blog out or email him. Arrange price quotes. I don't have any of his work but there all over the internet he just does not brag.

My other thanks goes out to Togue Factory. They weren't just out for profit or anything. Very cool company. Yes they did provide excellent service and price for my sideskirts and rear bumper thank you guys. Shout out to Jamie from Crazuknights! Thanks.

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Nuckin' Futs said...

Anytime man, If you ever wanna revamp, change, add, or do anything just hit me up. That also goes for anyone else out there! I'm always out looking to meet new cool people and share ideas.

peace to TF tho like you said. They held us down. Especially Tim Tulov and Jeremy! SHOUTS FROM THE FOUNDATION SON!