January 14, 2010

New Year & Contemplating

Well, its been a few months since I have been blogging. Lately I feel like I've hit a personal wall. I have spent a ton of time surfing the internet and looking at automotive related stuff. I just realized what makes my blog different from most other car blogs?Somethings I post may already have been seen.. I am wondering whether or not I should continue and go on but I will continue posting!

Everyday I feel like I see the same things over and over again. With the internet and so many carsites and forums going on, the new hotness dies out in five minutes. The appreciation and value of the car goes away quite fast. It is easily replaced by something else quickly. Does anyone feel this way? How do you deal with it?

Compared to the rest of the bloggers I feel my passion isin't as dedicated as a lot of you.


rollingrepublic said...

Dude Mickie, I've been following your blog for as long as you have been posting on it. You are one of the people who inspired us at RollingRepublic to start a blog of our own and to share what we believe is awesome in the automotive world as well.

Although a lot of us may sometimes post some of the same stuff, it's given as the internet is a place of constant flowing information. We just spread it even quicker than it would if it were just posted on only one or two sites.

Your passion and dedication within each post you put up. We salute you sir!


Thanks for the kind words David. Its guys like you that make me realize I should continue. I just hit a blog wall. I don't know if that even exist..??

Nuckin' Futs said...

If you keep putting yourself out there, someone is bound to hear you. The question just lies in what you are saying and what you are putting out there. Its the reason as to why my blog has gone the route it has. I look at so many forums and automotive blogs with these anoying fatlace type kids and it makes me wonder if they know anything about the world other than cars and clothing. It seems that noone likes what I have to say except you and a few others just based off the comments im getting but it wont stop me from going on cause I know that some people are reading and the majority of people reading just look at it to read it and not comment. I know I do the same thing when I go on blogs.


Good point man. I will continue to blog. But your absolutely right on all the things you say.

N/Aontherun said...

Dude, Mickie. Your blog is tight. Most of your posts are news to me. I do the same thing, I post things that I see on the internet. I don't see it as me copying or re-posting. I see it as I found it cool, I'll post it. Also the other reason I post is the things I see on the internet is because I'm not sure if my friends that follow my blog have seen it.

So keep on doing what you doing. I think your doing it right.