October 28, 2010

Random Jargon: Fetish With Japan

 To Marko:

Thanks for your innovative carblog!

 I decided to start writing columns with random thoughts and topics that I just want to cover because no one else wants to write something that matters. I like the whole automotive lifestyle however some of us have eloquent intelligence and not all of us just wanna "boost" stand around meets, act hard in small circles, talk about what I did with my car for the past month, and post a bunch of silly nonsense in forums with my banner of a import model showing some part of her body.

 Anyway, it  has come to my attention a giant portion of the "JDM" car world has exoticized Japan to the point it is the motherland of culture and other things.The origins of this exoticisim dates back to British poets and writers seeing the orient as mystique. My cross reference now comes into liking hip-hop and black culture. Growing up in NYC and around a black community hasen't changed who I am. I do like the music and their culture but must I marry a black woman eat  their foods travel to black communites and try to do what they do on a regular to be down?The answer is no, I honestly don't see the point and logic of traveling soley for a country for "cars." Yea Japan is different from your country adapting capitalism and democracy. Why dont you go to Burma there are Asian people over there or even Chad I'm sure you can take pictures and blog about sadness....


dangle said...

i dont see an issue with going to a country for the cars. you can make a hell of a vacation just to travel around to the different shops in various parts of japan. i sure as hell went to ireland for the booze a couple years ago.

but i do get where thats comin from. im glad this whole JDM as fuck fad went out. and im even happier to see this hellaflush thing die down. too many fuckin snobs about that shit. with alot of things really. we (blog guys) stick together on the smart shit. the rest, just passing through i hope.

Nuckin' Futs said...

But you see Dangle, the key phrase in what you said is "you can make a hell of a vacation just to travel around". I think what mike is refering too is when people permenantly move there and starting walking, talking, acting japanese and losing all sense of birth given culture. More or less, conforming and becoming a wannabe japanese person.

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

blogspot,wordpress = our minkara guys :). A lot of the blogs died but the main core of guys is here. We did lose a few guys blogging. The rest continue. I'm glad to get feedback at least.