September 21, 2009


Finally after years of lagging behind in the car scene. New York City is finally creepin around the corner. Yea this city is filled with 24/7 hustlin, no matter who you are your hustling. Its hard to find free time whatever it is that you do in your leisure out here that is.. I don't wanna make excuses and stuff but cost of living here in New York City is ridiculous. Here are some snaps of VIP themed cars. Daily driven and yes you are not mistaken NY Plates.


Foxie | CarsxGirl said...

Ya could argue that the first isn't true "VIP" style, since the car isn't black... The second, well, that's VIP without a doubt.


Yea thats true, thats discrimination why must the car be black?! can;t be mixed? Haha just joking, yea either he should paint it black or keep the color?? I should ask him what he plans to do with it. I just wanted to post these because its crazy they get driven in New York City. I'm pretty confident we have the worst POTHOLES out of all the major cities in America. I plan to do a pothole run when I have time to finally close the debate about potholes.

BLKonBLK98 said...

the second one isn't black either (not that it matters at all, stop believing everything you read on wikipedia). is a dark green metallic. the owner goes by agim jones and reps liberty vip (the n.e.'s premier vip car club with members internationally).

you can check out his blog here:

the white ls is also in liberty and belongs to joe.

WidebodyQ said...

Thanks for the love