November 7, 2009

Thanks Touge Factory! F!@k You New York Shops

Man what can I say these guys have showed me nothing but love and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They are really really chill guys. Thanks to Jamie from Togue Factory my ____ and a few other goodies were delivered. BIG SPECIAL THANKS TO TOUGE FACTORY! Sorry no pictures as of yet. But I recall from a Super Street issue a few years back when I was in high school this article Super Street ran on Togue Factory of their drift cars. Mind you this was 5 years back.. Fast forward to the future I actually trying to at least show my interest and voice in the automotive world to show what little the East Coast has by creating a (un)?successful blog.

I do have a hard time trusting people in the car world in New York City its hard to find quality friends or chill people. This goes for all the shops and shady people around here which I won't support. Case and example, I had two "TUNING SHOPS" do a simple maintenance on a NON TURBO ECLIPSE. WHAT HAPPENED I HAD A BLOWN ROD IN THE END. One shop couldn't even put two radiator hoses together. I won't even bother on naming the CAR STORES HERE THAT OVERCHARGE AND rape the customers with "JDM" brand goodies. If I wanted to wait 4 years for pads from Japan I would have taken my kayak and went extreme kayaking I could have made it faster than their shipping methods.

The point of all this is that I have to source my way to other parts of the country which I do not mind at all. IF I'M GONNA GET SERVICE THAT IS 1 BILLION TIMES BETTER than the service I would get in New York Shitty,I would rather support great businesses such as Togue Factory. When car shops and car people start doing things they love here in New York maybe then you can expect a change in this stale market of "tuning."

I'm out like this Evo X.


Nuckin' Futs said...

post pics of your kit damn you!

Its Jamie Time said...

Thanks for the love man!!