October 13, 2009

Wait is that a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh??

I believe anything in this planet thats considered a car can be cool. Too qualify you need two simple side dishes:

1. The owner actually does research and planning on what the purpose of their build should be.
2. Theres passion in it. Not doing it for others but YOURSELF!!!!!!(Repeated Millions OF Times BY REAL ACTUAL ENTHUSIAST!!!)

If these two simple things aren't even in the intricate receipe of car tuning. Find something else to bastardsize.

Real recognizes real. Most people in the car world can instantly connect and tell who's phony and who's fake. The final product shows....

That short little memo is followed by this. Yes this is a what?????? A YUGO!(Any thoughts Serbian People???) Believe it or not I believe ANY CAR CAN BE REALLY GOOD. Doubt the naysayers, Be different and creative.

Only complaints are wheel selection. Hard to find people who put in time on these badboys. I bet I'm the first blog to TALK ABOUT YUGOS!?


Yuta Akaishi said...

hahaha Dude.

i would LOVE to have an IS300 as a daily.

i finally picked up a TE72 corolla as a daily for $200 so my Z doesn't have to be driven in the rain.

but yea, its all good.

ill be looking forward to seeing the IS get dope.

Nuckin' Futs said...

YUGOS!!! Its the pride of Serbia! Too many jokes out there have been made about Yugos being a piece of crap but in reality they will actually last you for a very long time and surprisingly, because they are compatible with so many fiat parts, they can be quick as hell and stylish. Look at this bad boy here:



Foxie | CarsxGirl said...


If you're gonna talk about Yugos, there's no way I could resist! :) (Just forgive me for the awful quality, it's an old clip anyhow.)