September 9, 2010

What Altezza's Were Made For

I notice that there has been an influx in the amount of people purchasing IS300s. Thank the whole stance scene for that. Most new members on the forum are asking other people what wheels to put on their own ride. Just remember what the Altezza was made for (a fairly weighted car that can rev to 8k) to become the predecessor of the AE86. I don't think it succeded :(. I still like the car for what its worth though. Heres a picture of an attack on the course. I haven't met someone that enjoys Altezzas as much as me though :(. On a bigger scale I do like rear wheel drive sedans, particularly Toyotas.


DaS said...

love the blog, let's be blog buddies! me. i know the USDM Altezza inside and OUT. BELIEVE ME!


Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

Yea man. I'd like to hear more from a fellow SXE10 owner.