September 3, 2011

The Jews and the bankers that run America are terrified of the Islamic Golden Dinar being introduced... They along with everyone in the EU are shitting there pants with a unified Africa.


SAKONE said...

It was over 10 years ago when I was watching someone comment on Africa being united. If Africa would just unite instead of fight each other it would be the most powerful nation/continent on Earth. All those resources and people yet everyone is trying to take a piece for themselves.

I think it was summed up at the 30 second mark of that video, "you think we'd be in iraq if their main export was brocolli....".

Super Terrific said...

Africas been getting screwed over by Western Europe and America causing internal chaos within with "insurgent" or "infidels" aka funded by the CIA. It then becomes America and NATO's reposibilty to liberate and give these people democracy. In other words steal their resources without being questioned by the general public over here.