September 13, 2011

9/11 - X Years

9/11. No one ever talks about the aftermath or devestation done to the familes affected immediately from the chaos that transpired. People are quick to give their opinions about feeling sorry and etc. via a social medium twitter, facebook, etc. How many people actually did research or follow up as to what happened to the victims and events that led to pre 9/11 and after? Innocent people lost their lives and the people that saved them lost their lives. It's horrible enough America and the media stirred this patriotic bullshit by glorifying first unit responders cleaning and rescuing people from the ruble. Why weren't the first responders even fucking compensated or the familes of victims that died? I know money can't ever replace them but what about the damages done to that family that lost loved ones? There lives are forever changed mentally, phyiscally and economically.What happened to half of the aid that dissappeared with the Red Cross?

Don't glorify the propaganda that's been given to you by the media. Remember the people that have been forgotten in all this.

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