November 25, 2010

Gran Turismo

This game practically changed my passion for cars. As a child I already loved cars but when Gran Turismo came out it opened my horizons to unattainable vehicles we can never acquire in North America. I am of course speaking about 12 years ago, but thats another story. I remember first seeing the Toyota Chaser here. I was wondering how a sedan can be so awesome and put down so much power. This could have been one of the earliest reasons as to why I enjoy sedans so much.

All the battles spent in Hollis with my uncle, Marko and Noel. The GC8s,FDs, MR2s,Integras,Evo III, IV,V and yellow bird dominating the late days of the battles. I remember talking with jigga Marko about why Evo's never came out in America or if they would one day.. Times have changed. But this game was well spent countless hours on tuning and upgrading your stage 1 to Stage 4 and getting 900Hp. That's so JDM.

The new game is  finally out and after waiting for quite some time only 5 years, I kind of lost hope for Gran Turismo but this new game looks dope. I need a PS3 bad.

For the fanboys: Forza sucks.

This started it all.

Look To Your Left for the white car at 23 Second Mark. I love it. All types of styles and makes in one.

Weather System


Nuckin' Futs said...

Ahhhhhhh memories man!! I remember the epic battles that went down with this game and all the heated arguements that occured as a result. Remember all the gear ratio fights we all had hahaha. Its so funny how we all ended up with totally different cars from what we wanted as kids. Crazy how shit changes.

fuck forza. im picking up part 5 tomorrow maybe.

Anonymous said...

I have all the GT games. I just bought GT5 today, and at first I thought it was boring. Then I got a car and started drifting and crap and ITS AWESOME. the maps are freaking sick. Me and my friend have been cruising on a tokyo freeway at night with rain, going through tunnels in our skylines, silvia's etc. Straight sick after a while.

Nuckin' Futs said...

license tests = not fun. i bought the game to have fun not spend hours doing one test to reach some impossible time. I already got a driver license in real life, why do i need another one to drive a digital car!?

Anonymous said...

you don't need to do the license testing. I just went straight to the races.

Nuckin' Futs said...

Yeah i just figured that out now lol, i'm too used to the older gran truismos where u have to do license tests. I just found out now that you can level up via races but you still have to do the license tests eventually.

Anonymous said...

lol yea true. When you unlock the special events, do em. They get you mad cash real fast. But you can only do em once :(

And I just got done doing a 9 car tandem online :D