November 13, 2010


I have been blogging about the likes, dislikes and my opinions on certain things about the automotive scene. I have yet to do any celebratory post on my one year of blogging, yes I cannot believe its that long. A post is soon to come, I just don't know when yet..  But it has made me realize how much do I really like this hobby and how little I am committed to it. I have noticed that there are people that are loyal and tremendously dedicated to their cars and the scene. I commend you for that, it has also made me to confess that I myself purely like the style and looks department of cars mainly drifting. I am no inclined mechanic or a self proclaimed car forum guru. I don't care about power or any other things like that. I am a college student that likes this expensive hobby.

No one bothers thanking the guys that build their cars, setup events, and just love this whole scene that its their entire lives, someone has to thank you guys. I thought I hope I'm not the first to but I just want to praise the guys that have passion for wrenching day in day out and improving this whole automotive scene.

Normally I disprove of adding eye candy on this blog, but this is for you all just this once.

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Nuckin' Futs said...

nice boost. you need to start thanking people more often hahaha