November 2, 2010

Election Day

The whole voting for the correct candidate is simply an illusion. Left wing, right wing its all bullshit. Republican and Democrat these parties both work together to fuck everyone over. People that claim to be smart and have political views are full of shit. CNN and the LA or NY Times are where you gather your sources? The elite few that control the media, medicine and government all want you to believe you have choices and freedoms. Freedoms? Certain websites you cannot even go to anymore, your speech? Well, you must be wise with how your word choice.  Do you honestly think Americans voted for the President or any of these other candidates? The electoral votes are what matters or the same families that have been ruling America since it started. Here are a few examples:

Clinton - Related to Rothschilds(Rocafellers)
Obama - Related to Bush
Bush Jr - Related to Samuel P. Bush an adviser to Hover(In Federal Banking)

Sure the guy looks Indonesian, so just because he's of "color" do you actually think life will be better and you could believe this man?  I'd rather trust a drug cartel than a elected official. At least I know what's coming rather than get buttered up and bullshitted.

Basically the same families that have had power always want to pass it down to each other. Looking at it from a Marxist perspective, these people are marrying for power and property. I suggest reading Founding Fathers, THEY EVEN GO INTO GREAT DETAIL of stating that the majority can't and shouldn't control the Government. They believed the masses panic and that the common man doesn't know anything. In retrospect isn't this what is occurring today? People blinded by products, irrelevant junk on television, and just idling.


Nuckin' Futs said...

Election day is a sham. It's an illusionary day created by the puppet masters of the world to make the common people like you and me feel like we have a say in matters or that our opinion is in anyway relevant. The people we are picking are nothing but puppets on a string who act as subordinates to their masters. With that being said, we can write pages and books on why the illuminati and bilderbergs run the world but to put it quite simply, we're living in the fuckin matrix.

I love when people try to tell me that my vote counts for something, if i choose not to vote, i am voting in a way because what im voting for is "other" or something that is not on the ballad. Total revolution!

Nuckin' Futs said...

BTW, I honestly wont be surprised if you start losing viewers or you have a lack of people responding to this post. People out there can be quite uninformed, ignorant, and what Lenin liked to call "useful idiots".

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

I just refuse to make stupid post such as look at my new ipad case or going to the latest restaurant. I'd rather constructively discuss important matters.

Damn shame.

Anonymous said...

WOW... been meaning to come up with the words to express my sentiment on voting and you have hit it spot on!! Im taking those words my friend!!

I've always said, why don't we all NOT VOTE and that would be a bigger statement!

Keep it up bud!