December 20, 2009


If any of you guys haven't heard the east coast has gotten a terrible winter storm yesterday. Other states in the east coast got hit worst. New York City only got about 16inches not so bad... Many flights were cancelled, a lot of accidents, snow~ Yes its horrible and winter offically doesn't start until tommorow. :(

Yea a white winter looks nice, but shoveling this is ughhhhh

I thought I would get into theme with the rest of everyone snapping winter pictures of their dope vehicles. A Winter Pic of the whip(Under Construction).. ^ ^


dangle said...

hope you guys can dig out of there. im a general mechanic, so i can pretty much do anything with a motor. and picking up alot of chassis preparation skills. me and my dad own a shop here in sunny so cal, so all the cars we run at the track are usually in here for new shit.

Nuckin' Futs said...

My SC got owned by this snow, I couldn't get out without having to dig my ass off. It felt like I was building a trench in world war 1. Thats inane though, your IS is covered! At least it didn't get sprayed by a dump truck like a lot of cars parked around the rest of queens in the street.