December 29, 2009

A Year In Review

Wow can't believe 2009 is going to be over in a few days.I wanted to do something different for Super Terrific & couldn't just post the usual.This post is a bit more personal.. I came up with this idea today of doing something I'd like to call "A Year In Review."It's a really really really short summary of what has occured to me in the year 2009. No text or captions are accompanied by the pictures and music videos.(Hope No One's Done This Yet. Am I The First???) I'll let you guys figure out for yourselves what has occured in 2009 for me. If your Korean and can speak 한글 you'll have all the answers lol.. Enjoy all~

I hope everyone `ENJOYS THEIR NEW YEARS````` See you guys in 2010.... This post should keep you occupied at work or if your bored try deciphering all the pictures and videos... Har-Har.

January~ Feb~












Nuckin' Futs said...

Yep, this sums up the year alright. Right down to the detail. D-Mode might go down as the worst part of the entire year but like F.A.T. said "Im over that right now"...

N/Aontherun said...

Don't need to speak Korean to see what you went thru. I'm 80% sure what happened and you had one hell of a 09. Keep your head up and you'll be fine (^_^)v

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Thanks for the support guys. Have a good New year. :)