December 19, 2009

Something Under The Radar

I wasn't aware until today that high end luxury car companies borrow parts from other mass produced cars. I was reading therealjdm's blog and found it very interesting. The reason from what I was able to gather up was to save money from cost and research and development. If a car company is making only 200 cars or so they find it logical to save on mass produced parts such as headlights, tailights mirrors etc. Here are some finds I found interesting:

Lotus Espirit: The connection with a Levin? The taillights..

Saleen S7: The connection? The mirrors..

Invictus S1: Connection sideways passat taillights.. works like woah

Lamborgini Diablo Connection: 300zx Headlights, sucks if you paid this much for a Lamborgini. I will take the Z in the bottom instead :)

It does suck if you paid this much for a car and it has different parts from a mass produced car.. A bit of deception. The final full product takes bits and pieces from other companies. The good part is if you break any of these components you can just buy it for half of the fraction. I'm gonna leave this post with this last picture:

Talk about being deceived....


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lots of motorcraft (ford) parts on later model aston martins. ive done alot of work on new astons and the majority of parts ive gotten have ford stamps on them. with an even higher price markup because they are for the aston. its ridiculous.