December 6, 2010

Women In The Import Scene

Unlike every other CAR blog I refuse to post women,  why do you ask? Well because for one I'm not going to sweat or jock no female,two I a lot of guys in this bullshit industry are insecure and three why would I wanna promote some dumb bitch anyway? I'm honestly misogynistic to the women in the automotive world. Do you honestly think these women are of any intellect matter? Of course not, what it takes is a super looking mongoloid bitch + any ethnicity that has NO dark skin +  bolt on turbo = Miss Hot Import Night. These women are bitches yea I said it. Do you think these corny interviews with some loser thinking he will have a chance with her because she looks for a guy "with a great sense of humor", please man, if I wanted this kind of bullshit I would watch a NBA  referee a playoff game. These girls are trying to get by on young boys, or men that talk that smack on  forums sweating these import models so they think they are cool with her because they like her on facebook, or got her aim thinking she will even date them because their Lancer Evo just got dyno'd 565WHP and he has Takata racing harnesses.

The point is stop this shit, would you wanna promote a skeezer man?Stop all this jockin.

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Anonymous said...

Are you gay? Or did a girl break your heart? dude you need fuckin therapy. Loser piece of shit that talks shit about things everything that you obviously get drawn to.