December 15, 2010

The Car Culture

Is anyone original anymore when it comes to the whole car scene? It's the same FUCKIN SHIT ALWAYS. Why don't we make a generic car blog dedicated  to ugly Japanese men that drift. In this same shitty blog why don't we post the same cars drifting. Talk about ONE DAY HOPEFULLY VISITING THE BEST AND MOST UNIQUE place in the planet Japan. Post my  unique drift  car I'm building and post my awesome original rims.  When the same content gets boring we can make ourselves look so official by posting about the cool Asian restaurant I recently ate in with my offical multiethnic hipster friends. We of course have to show sexy eye candy to show our masculinity and love for ugly Asian women.I am also getting in shape by riding a  gay ass fixed gear bicycle because everyone else is doing it.I can either be a gay looking Asian or some fuckin white nerdy hipster that grows his beard so he thinks he's bad ass to compensate for his Japanese Fetish. All this to get props online and other men that:

A. Don't Pay Your Bills
B. Are only your friends because the only things you two can talk about is titanium exhaust
C. You wanna be just like everyone else
D. Dick riding is apparently cool and the best way to get ahead.

Do you honestly think you didn't waste time posting 3000+ post on a car forum?


DaveT said...

Wow, did I miss something or was this a long time building?

Oh and hi, don't think I have commented here before :)

Nuckin' Futs said...

Wow this couldn't have been said with more truth than what has already been stated. The pictures are perfect. I HOPE that this offends some people out there so that it makes them think twice about their course of action. If its not hipsters its the Japan-lovers pissing me off. People really need to stop acting like something they will NEVER EVER be!

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

Dave T.

I guess you guys should have seen it coming. I am just gonna voice my opinion on automotive matters and such. Glad to have you stop by. I am delighted automotive blog editors are viewing myself.


I got this idea with pictures and words from your infamous "hipster" entry.

At least two people commented :)

Jose M. Lopez said...

I don't know why not more people is talking here. What a conflictive post.

And yes your are right in everything you already said.

But some question I got is that that people was the people who brought us here, i mean on blog's. The way we can comunicate to the world what we do, and why we do that.

But there is different kind of people. Many people has a blog coz themselves, other talk about others cars, and others are really out of our world. What you gonna do? Be like Fatlace or like Speedhunters?

Here is the main difference, fatlace movement is not just about cars, is about glomour being cars, underwear, your big as possible glasses, and the with bike with some green detail, without brakes.

So yes, lets some of us move inside the real drift culture.

Thank you for put that post and open my mind.

Jake said...

lame hypocrite, bitching about the mess you helped create...

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

You mad? Judging by your anonymous post I felt I got you angry. I'm sure your one of those types of people I've just briefly described in this post. Call the whambulance if your all hurt about this post.

Anonymous said...

Nuckin' Futs = DICKRIDER. you agree with everything this dude bitches about. lol stop suckin dick and think for yourself.

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

I love it that you constantly visit my page and worry about other people. I am flattered you take the time out of your day to visit and check the comments on my post. Make this into something debatable not just name calling.

Hugs and kisses.

Nuckin' Futs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nuckin' Futs said...

Actually this "kid" is one my friends that I know personally and because hes one of my friends we agree on many of the same issues. Unlike you we actually think about what we say and debate about it before they ever hit the internet so I know where I stand. The guy makes valid points, what do you want? If you wanna talk about riding dick, you seem to have been reading a lot and researching patterns of my posts in order to come to that conclusion because its a very bold statement based on premeditated thinking and indebt observation. That would indicate some dick riding of its own right there would it not? Kiss the ring.

Jake said...

anonymous? my name & e-mail are in my post, and you suck at determining emotion through text cause I'm not angry. I just find it funny how hypocritical you are. Good day.

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

Hypocritical about what? Anybody can make claims or mere opinions. This blog has transitioned from what the original point of the blog was to be just about cars. I realized that after attending meets, shows and meeting other car enthusiast that I didn't have as much passion as them. I like the style of certain cars and I never claimed I was this or that. There's other things to be worrying about than just cars. Thanks for taking your time out to comment and the traffic.