August 4, 2011

EBAY/PAYPAL: The Greatest Auction Scam Online

 If you've been selling and making money on Ebay over the last seven or eight years you have seen a change in the landscape of Ebay and Paypal. The rare items one can aquire are increasingly difficult to acquire because what profit will one make with all the fees? Ebay has also teamed up with certain brands so that their goods cannot be sold on Ebay. I can rant on about all the bullshit associated with Paypal/Ebay but to make it simple the service has gone down to shit along with the bullshit fees that one encounters. Not only do you have a basic listing fee of $0.35 but a final fee value is taken from you which is 9% and if you want to add certain features such as buy it now or the days you would like your auction to start your fees increase. It gets worst because your only allowed to use PAYPAL! And guess what its owned by Ebay! So your paying double the fees for shitty service. Last but not least they will be taking fees from the amount you will charge as shipping for the buyer. You ask how is this fair? Well its not. Your assets and just be seized by Paypal without any explainations to as to why they decided to limit or invest your money for 90 days..... Ebay has the shittest customer service and you need to get through 30 people on Paypal just so you can inquire about something that has occured with your account.  After eight years of service I am no longer using Paypal/Ebay to do business. Fuck Ebay and Paypal. Don't support this bullshit monopoly service that they have. I am not the only person that has a PAYPAL STORY.


SAKONE said...

I've been using ebay since 99', and seen the change happen. It was great at first now it's literally shit. For me to make a profit using ebay/paypal I would have to charge a non-competitive price that would result in pocket change in profits. Having the same company charge you multiple fees adds up.

I remember I was actually using yahoo!auctions before ebay, but if you were looking for specialized items ebay was the place. Now it's generic shit mostly on there. Now I only do small purchases or sell small items and make sure I transfer it out from paypal asap.

Using paypal/ebay is like getting asked "Do you want to get gang raped in prison or have multiple guys fuck your ass?"

Super Terrific said...

You were on Ebay way before me I started on September 2003. I agree with you that they do rape you in the ass with the ridiculous charges. It's white collar crime at its finest. I think Bonanza has the potential to be a great online auction along with Amazon for sellers.

JDM Network said...

I completely agree with everything you have said! I stopped using ebay couple of years back because of their constant bullshit fee increase, I can only imagine what the services are now. Regarding their customer service, I dont think you can even call it that, especially paypal, speaking with a representative is fucking impossible. To add to all this, that is how they treat all their customer except the ones that sell ALOT and for years. I am not sure of the quantities you have sold but people that sell ALOT get a separate customer service number that they are not allowed to disclose to anyone. FUCK EBAY

Super Terrific said...

Basically they investigated my account and got completely angry that the credit card on file I had was expried and I didint use ebay for an entire month and when I logged on I just found out earlier this January. They soon froze my paypal and and a few months later ebay as well. Sadly I gave them excellent service since I was a freshman in high school back in 2003. I had an excellent track record and they told me they still don't want me back. I am angry but at the same time people have gotten jiffed worst than me. People that sold things for over $1000 and getting a dispute with a buyer and losing both the item and the money is horrible.

They are now charging sellers with a shipping fee so based on how much you charge with shipping, Ebay will take its cut. FUCK EBAY! I completely agree with you!