August 17, 2011

Circa. 2000s

Recollecting from the past and stumbling upon decade old Import Tuners, I began to reminisce of my childhood. This particular issue with Christine Mendoza before the huge turbo upgrades(sure there real) has led me to recall  nomnom's car circa early 2000s and going bonkers on this peculiar platform at the time.It's pretty impressive that Nom has built a timeless S chasis. Anyone know what happened to him?


slappy said...

I'd rock that car just the way it is...minus the bolt in cage & wing.

SAKONE said...

Man, his shop is long gone. I never bought anything from him, but knew at the time he was able to get parts that were out our reach to buy (JDM) if you had the cash. If you were into Japanese imports and live in the SoCal area you would know about him. I just remember his rx7 FD with the oddball hatch on it. I think he moved back to Japan.

Actually "Fujishino" might know, since he was around at the time.

That styling, fresh and clean. Still.

Ayasha Kieth said...

Sorry but I don't know what happen to him. But that car is really nice.

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