April 12, 2011

Power Struggle?

“The question is whether the Jew as such, that is, the Jew who himself admits that he is compelled by his true nature to live permanently in separation from other men, is capable of receiving the universal rights of man and of conceding them to others.” 
Carl Marx - Essay On Jewish Question

Is it a weird coincidence that a majority of the people in power are JEWISH? I don't think so. Time Warner, Yahoo,Google,Facebook, Warner Brothers,New York Times and anything else in the social and political sphere of interest has Jews lingering. You can't help but notice a power struggle with zionist and slaves being the rest of the population that isn't Jewish. The elite 12 or 8 percent that control America are all JEWISH. Isn't there something wrong with this? Why is everyone in power Jewish? Is there a hidden agenda? Why isn't this discussed in social context? The reason for this is that they own 95% of media outlets in America. Things are rather kept hush about their agendas.  When you want to put the blame on social aspects of media in America you can blame the Jewish agenda behind things. The critique of different schools of religion such as Christianity, Catholics, Orthodox and so on. Don't Americans wonder the reason for American backing of   Israel with their conflict in Palestine that's been going on for 3,000 years?

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