April 25, 2011

One Year Already

Everyone is still continuing to dickride and feel sorry for Japan and what has happened. Just remember what happened to Haiti? How many of you gave a shit? Oh yea no one bothered posting about it because Haiti wasen't cool enough for US to care and feel remorseful for.. Yes it's been over one year and people are still  homeless and debree is everywhere. Political chaos is current and 1 million homeless without  shelter or proper nutrition still. Thank you Redcross for those donations that made it... Also special thanks for all the fanboys in the automotive world dickriding and buying useless save our Industries stickers your so humanitarian stop.


DaveT said...

The Hati event was one of the first times I ever used text to donate.

Such a good system for folk like myself, did it from my couch while watching a special.

Crazy it's been a year though...

SAKONE said...

Every charity takes a cut and I guess the people who need it get to fight for the crumbs or better make that donated blanket last more than a year.

I will remember that disaster not for the damage but for another reason that involves the company I work for holding their annual awards retreat in the neighboring country after the earthquake. Bunch of ass-kissers vacationing while dead bodies on the other side of the island pile up.