March 11, 2011

Global News Mar. 2011

I'm at complete loss of words. First the engulfing flood Australia encountered now this. Possible tsunami now predicted in the Pacific.

"Another US-backed military dictatorship murdering its own people" - Youtube user.

It's rather odd for the US to support rebels. Are we going to see ethnic groups selling out to Western nations again?

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Nuckin' Futs said...

Japan - Its either a sign of the end of the world, a natural disaster, or HAARP.

As far as US backed dictatorships, thats nothing new. Neither is the US supporting rebels. The Taliban of the Middle east, KLA of Albania/Kosovo, Contras of Nicaragua, Jundallah, PMOI/MEK of Iran, Various paramilitary groups in the Balkans, OAS in france, the list goes on and on...nothing new, nothing odd either if you ask me.