March 28, 2011

Donations To RedCross = No Where

I will be blunt. All you fucking herbs dick riding Japan and think to yourselves that you've done a humanitarian act by donating to the RedCross, kudos to you for being an unaware naive asshole. Have you ever recalled about the money that WAS GIVEN TO THE REDCROSS FOR THE 9/11 victims? Guess what half of it disappeared and peole that needed that money couldn't find the money. What about the aid for Hurricane Katrina or Haiti? Guess what, a portion or half of the donations are no where to be found. So all you assholes that think your doing something to help Japan think again  ironic hipster. If you really wanna help JAPAN OR CARE, go there and fucking help them. Putting stickers about helping Japan or donating $2 ain't gonna do shit when the air and water you need to live is contaminated. Don't sit around or pretend to be helpful when your making THE REDCROSS RICHER.

Isn't this a little to much to pay someone that's suppose to be a "humanitarian"?


Nuckin' Futs said...

The Red Cross is full of shit. Sure you'l donate money, some may go through, but roughly how much? The red cross will tell you roughly 91% goes to the cause but history has shown that it isnt the case:
Any organization that once helped the Nazis (yeah, remember them?) is not someone I want to help. Fuck the Red Cross.

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

The rest of the people in the car world are obviously stupid. A majority of people donating there proceeds give it to the nazi cross.

sakone said...

See, I think I'm in the wrong type of work. I need to make a "non-profit" organization to "help" people and get government grants and tax breaks while paying myself +$80K a year. It's an American hustle.

Makes me feel bad about giving money indirectly to the Salvation Army. I don't know if the Japan division spends the money differently, but I the know the Salvation Army in the states has a problem with money not going where it should.

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

Yea, I think I am in the wrong field as well... Its extremely sad because if you do wanna donate who can you trust? I would rather give money or goods directly to a family.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have no idea what really happened. Cursing about it just makes you look more ignorant.