March 5, 2010

Super & Etc: JDM & Being an asshole

So I seen a couple of these so called "JDM Tuners" a few times today..... Has it ever happenened to you, that you are casually minding your own business just driving all of a sudden you hear a whiney slow (insert base sports compact car model) driving wrecklessly on public roads. Cutting  lanes thinking they are all of a sudden world renound racers to prove their point of superiority.

Well what makes them superior you ask? Thats a good question. The following parts they put on their cars justify that they are true professionals in the street........


Just because you and  every other trend hopper, see one monkey do it you follow the next, its amazing how little to no research at all is done about what these badges mean:


Last time I checked no one in Japan even bothers rocking these. The badge in the left is Soshinoya, MEANING NEW DRIVER and the other badge in the right Koleshia MEANS ELDER DRIVER.Age group I've seen rocking this in the streets of NYC...16-32 year olds running around rampant with these thinking it has added an extra 90hp to their cars. This is just an inidcator to watch out for a serious asshole.

Its not offically till you buy your first set of non factory tested springs.

 Its crazy how much these same group of guys boast about buying entire strut bar kits for their cars front and rear stability.  This whole set cost $40 shipped.

 Here is the infamous Ebay headlights, they come in non halo form as well. The owner below exibits the average Honda owner that thinks his car is a 2010 911 Carrera S4 with mods such as a black painted hood, fake "jdm" grille, fake regamasters, tints, yellow "projector" fogs, and the painted gas tank... Of course the rear has a canister!

The infamous "yellow fogs." Another mod taken of the IS300... I'm starting to think IS300s were the platform for all idiotic tuning...

How to spot one of these morons:
This is just a basic standard template.

1. Altezza taillights
2. Tow hook("because its tracked" owner probably never heard of SCCA)
3. Leaf badge or Vinyl graphics for the speed illusion
4. Fake mugen rims
5. Pep boys aftermarket rearwindshield wiper
6. Chopped catalytic converter
7. Tin canned exhaust
8. Pepboys wing
9. Base model
10. Upon an encounter with either of the two be prepared to either be reved, suddenly cut off, fly'd by or heavily grilled in stoplight.

Why do people do this? 
To their justification I can see why its done. Its cheap to buy a sportcompact basemodel for example a 1993 Honda Civic DX. Insurance is cheap, gas is cheap and an abundance of parts are readily available at your disposal AT AN EXTREMLY LOW PRICE. Plus the rest of your peers do it so why should one be left out? Now you can imitiate the guys who ruin such culture without any research or respect whatsoever.


N/Aontherun said...

Don't get me started. I'm tired of these Fly bys. They do it cuz it's JDM 'yo. lol

I have nothing against fake wheels tho, but the problem that I have with fake wheeks is that if your are going to rock'em at least don't front like they are the real deal.

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

I have no problem with them either. At the same time a lot of guys bash Rotas because it's the "in" trend to bash replica wheels and rock Name Brands to get the thumbs up from others.

Arguemnt for that is it is ruining "JDM" industries. Well in Business there is no such thing as ethics. So all the trend hoppers can shut it...Why dont we start with the clothes in our backs and the cheap gas prices we have. Wanna talk about explotation a factory worker making "name brand shirts" outsourced get paid 5-7 cents and hour.

Slappy said...

I also hate those douchers

Nuckin' Futs said...

Oh man, this might be the most entertaining blog post i've read in a long time. SOOOOOO TRUE, remember when they saw my SC and said "japanese supra"??? that was priceless, I just love seeing all these fake parts everytime i pass by places like "Project JDM". Makes me chuckle everytime...that and the fact that michael knocked down the stop sign right near there too so its a double comedic whammy for me.

r32taka said...

In my garage I got an Audi A3 with a JDM sticker on each door...