March 27, 2010

Everyone Has A Porsche Story

 As a kid your already trained by society to know the following brands of cars BMW, Mercedez Benz and Porsche. I remember as a kid reading books about trains,planes,boats, and automobiles. They particularlly get really specific about what type of cars they show. I remember seeing 5 Series in this book, Benz's and 911 Porsches. It's not surprising that women are attracted and know  these type of cars right away but that's another story.

It all started in 1994 when I relocated to America in 1994 I remember looking through my uncles books as a young tot being facinated by airplanes, survival guides, and combat training books. One book that particularly stood out for me was this car book. It was about  250-380 pages, covering Porsche,Ferraris,Alfa's, and Lamborgini's and all types of  other European cars. The one car that stood out for me was the Porsche 911. I believe it was a  Black 1989 model in the book. It was just so sleek and stylish. I couldn't even dare imagine the car with aftermarket rims or even an exhaust. All I can think about was how nice this vechicle is the way it comes off the factory.

Fast forward to now everytime I see a Porsche  from the 1980s - 1996 era(Yes its a long stretch and I cant narrow it down) I am just amazed. This to me may be arguably the best styled car. It's like having a machine as a suit. It can be a formal street car and good time attacker. It retains class while looking like a bad boy. I don't know if anyone will even get what I am saying or I am just rambling about this era Porsche's. I Had my first encounter with one of these for the first time this year a few weeks ago and decided it was time to talk about it. Wish I took photos of that car. More pictures next time.


N/Aontherun said...

As crazy as it is, I've never liked these until just a year or two ago. I think Wangan Midnight's black bird and Rauh Welt had something to do with it.

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

I always like them since I was six and stumbled upon that book. You must like them!! I will force you haha just jk.

Ruiz said...

Porsche. Timeless classics. Definitely one of my favourites man.