February 17, 2010

Winter Blues

We already got a winter storm, and more snow came piling on us.

List of Winter Blues:
Snow and more snow..now turned into ice.
Shoveling parking spots
Front bumper group buy, started late october, shipping was stated early December and we would be getting them in at latest was told January. I knew it would never be even December or January, but it's going to now arrive March...... I hope its not going to arrive to me during spring break or even April......
I finally got around to purchasing the All Weather Floor mats for the IS300 but I just found out today that
Toyota/Lexus has stopped all sales on all mats due to the massive recall on Toyotas.

Heres a photo of how its going down in NYC for the mean time......


Slappy said...

I feel your pain...lol.

N/Aontherun said...

I hate Snow. We are being killed here in the NE.

That's not cool of Toyota to not sell you to weather mates.

We are heading into March. Winter should be over soon... I hope

Isidro said...

I spent 45minutes this morning getting my car out of the snow.. and about an hour in slow traffic on my way to school
i missed my first class :(

Nuckin' Futs said...

my front lip is still under 2 feet of snow and my front tires are still burried as well. Fuck I hate winter