February 1, 2010

GS the F^&k Up 3s The F^&k Up

A infamous line from vintage Jay-Z off the classic Dead Presidents. I know Aristos usually get the VIP treatment however there are a select group of others that like them looking like street fighting machines. I am one of them.

Yes the rims are up for debate not everyone can ball out like that, so do your thing. Props to this guy.


N/Aontherun said...

I wanted one of these at one point. I looked and looked and then I saw that they are only Auto. So I gave up on that idea.

I think the 1st and 2nd Gen Aristo's are pretty sik. I'd love to drift a 1st gen and daily a 2nd gen... what a dream. lol

Nuckin' Futs said...


I love these Aristos. I can definitely see my second car being one. This is a perfect example of why. This is like a visual kick to the nuts!

N/Aontherun said...

I just can't drive an auto. They are like a kick to MY nuts. A computer can't clutch kick :-p lol

To me an auto tranny belongs on a groundflush vip styled car and not on something I'm going to want to slide or race with.

Slappy said...

That car is BALLER

ra64freddy said...

Dope..wheels kinda suck..lol
Love the revamped look!
K.I.S.S. just the way I like it!!

Ronin-san said...

What is that body/aero kit and the specs on the TE37s?

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

Ronin, I wish I knew. I did see in one of my Option Magazines a 1GS with this aero. I will try to scan it for you. I think his wheels are also high grade replicas :)