October 17, 2011

Obsessive Hobby Disorder OHD 

When you spend thousands of hours "browsing" automotive forums you need to stop. When you have to move to Japan just because of automobiles stop. Get a fucking life and stimulate your intelect. No one cares if you have 15 psi of boost on your Evo or how much camber you recently added on to your ride. All that shit is irrelevant. This blog is coming to a stop with automobiles. I can care less about camber, boost or car meets. It's always the same makes and people doing the same thing.  Recycled material left and right. Please talk about something other than food, clothes, or your consumerisitic tendancies.



slappy said...


All the clean Hondass look the same

All the Hakosuka's look the SAME

All the FD's look the same

ect etc ect

Anonymous said...

Yea man. Couldnt agree with you more. Blame the kids and 20 year olds sticker bombing and just copying their style from the internet.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog anyways. keep it up!

Super Terrific said...

I will continue for those of you!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently there...I'm starting hating cars, maybe because is my job and hobby. Because bike are exciting, and because you will never be the king of anything.