February 25, 2011

Stirring The Pot

Can you seriously dismiss someones automotive couture because of an individuals selection on wheels? Looks like this sucks because they are on Rotas. Too bad this car is too dope. People are angry that you can style on them for half the cost.

Ugly build because of Rotas?

Stop being swayed by these so called "insiders." The people that voice their opinions in the automotive world rely on the market. Their living is based on you spending $3000 on wheels that an overweight kid in a forum can give you high five for. So people that work for Work, Vertex, and any other Japanese company you can think of will want you to buy their products. They are creating a label for these knock off companies or who ever as fake and inferior. How many people track with Rotas? Like I said if Mackin Industries cares for the consumer they would be making low cast versions of their wheels right now and Rota would be out of business.


DaveT said...

I like cars with Rotas and other knock offs all the time.

The only thing that does bug me is when people purchase knock offs and try and pass them off as real with the stickers and what not.

Why bother? Be proud of what you purchased and put on your car regardless of what people say.

Jose said...

those who still complain about rota's are sick. What happen if I can pay for RAYS? I just wanna race my car on track, I need cheap and light wheels, nothing wrong on it while I know are rota's.

Anonymous said...

one thing that you're paying for with genuine wheels is the design. it's unfair to buy knock-offs because the people responsible for the original design don't get paid.

this plagiarism lowers the dignity of car enthusiasts everywhere. wanting a cheap wheel is not the issue--nobody in their right mind will take issue with that. the problem is letting someone get away with intellectual theft to get your cheap wheels.

it's actually a slap in the face for anybody who makes a living through creativity (artists, designers, etc.)

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

But with business, ethics don't matter, profit and numbers do. Gain and loss is all that matters.

I agree with you about people copying designs but imitation is the highest form of flattery. Business is all about competition. If someone is undercutting your profits you need to do something about this. All those JDM companies can put an end to Rota if they make low end versions of their wheels. The car culture isn't the same in the USA as opposed to Japan. There is a discourse in the translation of automotive culture. The Japanese automotive culture has many adults that go all out on their cars as opposed to the people interested in car culture in America that range from the age of 16-25. Many of the guys are young and don't have a lot of money so of course this is where Ebay and knockoff companies begin to see a market.