January 2, 2011

Blog Linking I (Teams)

I decided every year that I will be linking or reffering other readers to the little words that you are use to seeing on the left as links!! If you are to lazy to click or just love leeching off pictures and etc. Please look below.

Battle Hippos - A young group of friends with a passion for automotive culture. Yes they range from all makes and models. No flaming from old men about young guys with fast whips. Chedda gets chedda. Mendez at the garage.

Crazu Knights - It's not just about trying to use urban slang just because you have a Honda. These guys are the real deal. Track and street ready FF fighters in Chicagos loops to the track.

Essence Garage -Based in the Southwest Cressedias, IS300, and a 240. All an essence to a garage(Excuse my humor). This IS300 is hurting feelings.

Drift Union - They are tied together with Team Limit. Please clarify with me if you guys have merged or you guys are using two different names. Please clear it up for me. These guys are causing mayhem in the quiet streets of Vancouver. Everything DOPE.

Frisky Nipples - It's Safe For Work Website. I usually lurk the most of at the IS300 but just check them out. Drifting in style.

Okishima Program - They are still running strong and I know Quail has moved onto the website of Drifted.com. Still check Okishima out. It's good to see car culture everywhere. If you haven't seen the famous green and flat black RX-7 please do its one of the many cars in their stable.

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