July 11, 2010

Anyone Remember This?

A year or two ago this guy was doing it. Similar to what Rocket Bunny has done. Does anyone know what happened to this car? Did he redrill this or use adapters? Just super curious and wouldn't mind doing this on my car :)


dangle said...

doubt he redrilled. more than likely its a bolt up spacer. minimum thickness would be 15mm i figure. theres a pic floatin around of an FD RX7 sittin on the newer M5 wheels E60 i think.

Anonymous said...

All those dudes just use adapters. Which works fine since BMW OEM wheels in the larger sizes are usuall a 40-45 offset. i have been considering doing it to put some M3 CSLs on my car

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

Would I have to get new brakes then if I get adapters?