June 9, 2010

Cars In The Wild & Yankees

While I went to see a Yankee game with the Penguin gang courtesy tickets to my comrade Marko stumbled upon this in the wild:

TL with RPF01's looked really good. Leads me to my random segment of encountering nice cars, that we like to call cars in the wild.

Yankees won it was over in the 4th inning. Old Yankee stadium vs New.

Great view


Nuckin' Futs said...

ahhhh this was a memorable day...spotted some no gooders on the way there, noel was screaming funny shit, michael was trying to pet people, and we had a playful retarded dude infront of us not to mention some great boobs too that id love to pipe. not a bad day, leaving the bx was the best part tho hahhaha...gyros were good too. I have a funny video of this day in my phone lol

I dont get why people dont comment on shit like this tho, its like so many people read your blog and its like if u dont show a car that they seen a 1000000 times they wont comment. lets talk about some other shit once in a while people...stop acting like fuckin nerds!

Super Terrific Happy Car Blog said...

I don't know the ratio of comments to readers. Some people wanna read, or if it interest them they will give feedback, others just don't wanna take the time. Honestly it doesn't matter I'm happy my micro blog is even getting this many hits. I'm even fortunate enough for feedback from everyone and anyone.

Nuckin' Futs said...

yeah but come on, i mean it seems like if you dont talk about anything other than a car for once people act like they're gonna explode...